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Basics of Using Marcive

Basics of Marcive Tutorial
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Step 1:

  • Once you click on the Marcive link from the Delta College Library Government Documents web site, this is the first screen that you see.
  • Click on the "Combined Search" button and you will be presented with another screen of choices.

    Basics of Marcive Tutorial

Step 2:

  • This is a Combined Search, where we will search for government documents using a keyword. This is the combined search screen. Now, we will need to tell the computer which keywords that we want to use to find government documents with these keywords. For this example, we are going to ask the computer to find government documents with the word stem and the word cells somewhere within the citation. To do this, we need to type the keywords of stem cells in the "Anyword" box, as is shown below. The "anyword" box allows us to search for any words that may be found within the government document citations available in this database.

    Basics of Marcive Tutorial

Step 3:
Now that we have added the keywords of stem cells in the "Anyword" box, we can also add a date range to the "Date" box. This index will search information on documents all the way back to 1976, which is helpful when you are looking for older information. But we can also limit to a range of current years, so that we will only see the documents that are the most current available on the topic. Here, we can type 1998-2008 in the "Date" box, so we will only see documents with the keywords stem and cells that were from the years between 1998 and 2008.

Basics of Marcive Tutorial

Now we can click on the "Search" button, located several spaces below the Date box. To see the results, go to step 4.

Step 4:

Here is the screen that shows the results of the search, using stem cells in the "Anyword" box and 1998 -2008 in the "Date" box.

This is a list of government documents by Title and the government document Call Number for each title. To get more information about the item,

click on the title (in blue) to get more information about the Government Document. Now we want to look at one of the government document citations in this list. Click on the citation, "The dangers of cloning and the promise of regenerative medicine," as show below, indicated by the red arrow.

Basics of Marcive Tutorial

Step 5: 
The image below is the screen that shows the details about the Government Document titled: "The dangers of cloning and the promise of regenerative medicine." The information in this citation includes the title of the document, the government agency that created it, and other details about the document. After reading over the citation information, we decide we want to locate this document.

Basics of Marcive Tutorial

Step 6:

Now we will determine if Delta College Library owns a copy of this document. At the top of the page that lists the document we are viewing, click on the button "holdings" - as indicated below by the red arrow. Next, go to step 7 to see the holdings information.

Basics of Marcive Tutorial

Step 7:
This screen shows is that this government document is selected by Delta College library. This means that we should be able to locate this document in the Delta College library government documents collection. A staff member at the reference desk can help you locate this government document.

Basics of Marcive Tutorial


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