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Navigating the Sea of Information

Navigating the Sea of Information SUBJECT: research skills

LEVEL: beginning

PURPOSE: to help students develop skill in the beginning steps of the research process

SYNOPSIS: a video showing the struggles a student encounters as she attempts to do research in preparation for a biology class paper. By beginning research without a plan or strategy, she quickly becomes overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available. She literally does not know where to start. With the help of a librarian she is able to develop a strategy for narrowing her focus. This plan produces a manageable number of resources which directly relate to her subject.

"Research takes time and gets faster with practice."

Navigating the Sea of Information

Step One

Using the Reference Collection to find background information

    • Use the inverted triangle of information as a guide.
    • Narrow your focus by noting key words and phrases.
    • Note bibliography resources that relate to your narrowed focus.

Step Two

Search for availability and location of resources.

    • Note the call number. Since most libraries are organized by discipline, books on similar subjects will also be found around this call number.
    • Note subject areas listed for each resource. Use these subject areas listed for each resource.
    • Spelling, order, and combinations of words can make a big difference in the results of your search.
    • Additional Databases. Use the information provided in the citations from promising resources to find other keywords, relevant authors, or other useful information.

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