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Tutorial for OAT 151 "Country" Assignment Using EBSCO Databases

Step ONE:

There are several options for accessing the Library Journal and Magazine webpage, but this is the direct link to where you need to be in order to access the EBSCO databases such as "Business Abstracts with Full Text", "OmniFile Full Text Select", and Readers' Guide Full Text":


Step TWO:

There are two DIFFERENT links. Click on the "EBSCO Databases  On-Campus Link" if you are accessing EBSCO from ON-Campus. Click on the "OFF-Campus Link" if you are trying to access EBSCO Databases from home or anywhere OFF-campus. Use your Delta username and password when accessing EBSCO from off-campus.



You will see a long list of databases that are subject-specific. For example, Business Abstracts with Full Text will provide citations as well as many full-text (entire) articles about business topics. For this assignment, you need to select an article from Business Abstracts with Full Text, OR OmniFile Full Text SelectOR Readers' Guide Full Text Mega.  You can search one database at a time OR select all three databases and search them all at once. This tutorial will show you how to search all three databases at one time.  You need to scroll down the page and select (choose) the database(s) that you want to search. Click within the small white box next to the title of the database. A check mark will appear within the white box which means that you selected that database. The description of the database will appear shaded once you click within the white box.  Step Four shows you what all three SELECTED databases should look like.



Step FOUR:

The following image shows what each individual database looks like IF you selected the database properly. There should be a check mark within the white box. The database description will be shaded.



Step FIVE:

Once you have selected your databases, then scroll down or scroll up the page in order to click on the "Continue" button.  The "Continue" button is located at the bottom of the screen and at the top of the screen. After clicking on "Continue," the computer will provide you with a search menu/screen where you can type your keywords/subject.


Step SIX:

A screen filled with options will be presented. At the the top of the screen will be three search boxes  where you can type your keywords. The computer will search the database(s) for articles that contain those keywords.  For this tutorial, we are going to search for articles about Russian customs. The computer will present articles that have the word "Russia" and the word "customs" somewhere within the article.  Before clicking on the "Search" button, we want to select a couple of more options. Click within the white box next to "Full Text" so that the computer will present the entire full-text article. You can ask the computer to present articles published within a specific date range, such as the last five years. For this example, we typed within the "Publication Date" search boxes 2008 to 2013.

Click within the small white box next to "Full Text" so a check mark appears. The computer will present "full-text" articles.
You can choose specific dates within the "Publication Date" boxes.

CLICK ON THE "Search" button and the computer will search Business Abstracts with Full Text AND OmniFile Full Text Select  AND  Readers' Guide Full Text Mega for full-text articles that have the word "Russia" and the word "customs" somewhere within those articles.



Depending on your subject, the computer might present a long list of citations (author, title of the article, title of the magazine, and publication date). You may need to scroll down the page or go to the next page in order to find an article that is right for you. For this example, we found citation seven as a possible article that might work. "Moscow Never Sleeps" is the title of the article. The author is Martin Cruz Smith. This article can be found in the August 2008, volume 214, issue 2 of National Geographic magazine. The article is located between pages 106 and 133.

CLICK on the TITLE in order to see more of the record and the entire article.



After clicking on the title, you will be presented with a full record that includes the citation, sometimes an abstract (summary) of the article, AND the full-text of the article. SCROLL WAY DOWN THE SCREEN and you will see the full-text (entire) article IF the article is in "HTML Full Text."  If the only option is "PDF", then click on the PDF link and the scanned image of the article will appear.


For this example, the "HTML Full Text" of the article is presented. SCROLL DOWN THE SCREEN in order to view the full-text of the article. Some records allow you to click on a PDF link that will present the PDF file (scanned image of the article). This particular record did NOT have a PDF option.




EBSCO presents more than one option for printing the entire article.  The following instruction may be the easiest way to print the entire article OR part of the article if the "HTML Full Text" article is presented.

Click on "File" that is located in the far upper left corner of the screen.

A drop-down window will appear and then you can click on "Print..."


The computer is programmed to print ALL of the pages. You can select specific pages if you choose to do so.

Click on the "Print" button and the computer will print the article.


PLEASE NOTE: Some of the instructors prefer some mention of EBSCO or the name of the database, such as OmniFile, printed on the printout. If you print the "HTML full text" then "EBSCO" and the name of  the database will be printed. HOWEVER, if you print the PDF file, this information will NOT be on the PDF printout. If you print the PDF then you will need to print the citation, also. The following link will take you to step-by-step instructions on how to print the citation.  If you need to print THE CITATION, then please click on PRINTING JUST THE CITATION to view another set of instructions.

Here is an example of the citation printout that you need if you print the PDF.




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