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Renew Your ValCat Books

Valcat allows you to renew your books without having to call the Circulation Desk. There is a NEW edition of ValCat.

Click on this RENEW YOUR VALCAT BOOKS link and you will taken to the ValCat page where you can input your Library barcode and last four-digits of your telephone number that we have on file for you in the ValCat computer. If you checked out a book then you should have an account (My Account).

Following are step-by-step instructions on how to renew your ValCat books.

STEP ONE: Library Barcode and Last Four Digits of Phone Number

Your College ID should have a library barcode sticker on the back of the card IF YOU HAVE CHECKED OUT AN ITEM FROM THE CIRCULATION DESK. The barcode is 14 numbers long such as 21434002665483. Type this number in the box next to "Enter your library barcode:" The College ID's do not automatically come with the barcode sticker on the back of the card. When you obtain your College ID, you need to visit the Circulation Desk in order to have a member of the Library staff place a special barcode sticker on the College ID.

Type the last four digits of your telephone number into the box next to the message "Enter your PIN or the last four digits of your phone number." This process will not work IF the phone number in our staff ValCat computer does not have the same number that you input into the box. You need to type into the box the last four digits that you gave to the Circulation Desk employee when you checked out the book.

Click on the "My Account" button to get started. 


STEP TWO: Log In Boxes

After entering your barcode and the last four digits of your phone number, then click on the "Log In" button.


STEP THREE: Personal Information

Click on the "Checkouts" tab.




STEP FOUR: Choosing Item(s) to Renew

You need to select the item to be renewed. This example shows only one book, so click within the white box next to the picture of the book. A checkmark will appear.

Notice the "Date Due" on the right of screen.


STEP FIVE: Click Renew



STEP SIX: Successful Renewal

The new "Date Due" should be changed.


Updated May 2015.


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