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ValCat Renewal Tutorial

ValCat allows you to renew your checked-out items one time,only. This tutorial will show you how to use ValCat to renew your items.

In order for this process to work, you need to be registered at the Delta College Library's Circulation Desk. Often, this means that you checked-out a book, already, through the ValCat system. For any questions on this process, please call the Circulation Desk at 686-9310.

Step ONE:

You need to access the ValCat Online Catalog. This can be accessed through the main Library webpage.

Once on the main ValCat search page, you need to click on My Account.


Step TWO:

Enter your library barcode number into the blank entry box. A Circulation Desk staff member should have placed the barcode on the back of your Delta College I.D./Library Card when you registered the card, originally.

The PIN number is the last four digits of your telephone number. These numbers have to be the same phone number that you provided at the Circulation Desk. The numbers that you type within the blank box HAVE to match the phone number that we have on file. PLEASE call the Circulation Desk at 686-9310 IF this process does not work.




This is an example of what the screen should look like. Your library barcode should start with the numbers 21434 and end with nine numbers.

The last four digits of your phone number is like a password, so the numbers will not show within the entry box. Just four bullet points will appear.

When ready, click on the "Login" button.



Step FOUR:

This is where it can get a little confusing. Now that you are logged in, you are presented with the original ValCat screen.

Click on "My Account" one more time.


Step FIVE:

Your "Account Overview" should appear.

Click on the highlighted "Items Out" link in order to see and RENEW your checked-out items.



Step SIX:

You will see a list of the items that you have checked-out. In order to renew one or more items, you need to click within the little white box located next to the record. For this example, we clicked within the white box next to "Edible and medicinal plants of the Great Lakes region." A check mark appears within the box.

Next, click on the "Renew" button and the computer will renew the item.


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