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Wilson Web Tutorial 

Step ONE: Wilson Web presents a number of databases (periodical indexes) that will provide magazine and journal articles on a variety of subjects. In order to search one of these databases, you need to click within the little white box next to the database name. For this example, we will search Readers' Guide Full Text to find magazine articles.

Step TWO: I clicked within the box next to Readers' Guide Full Text. I typed my keywords in the "FIND" search box. I want to find articles that contain the words  Russia and customs.

Please note that not everything within these databases are entire, full-text articles. Some records are just citations and abstracts (summaries) of the article. For some databases, such as Readers' Guide Full Text, you need to click within the white box next to "Limit To: Full-Text." This option forces the computer to present ONLY full-text articles that are within the Readers' Guide database (index).  Click on the "Start" button and the computer will perform the search.

Step THREE:  The computer found 17 records (citations) that contain the words Russia and customs. These articles should be the entire article, or at least the full text of the article. Some pictures and graphs may be missing. From this list, I am going to look at number three.


Step FOUR:
Here is a close up of the citation that suggests that the article might have some information about what life is like in Russia.  I want to click on the title of the article in order to see if there is an abstract (summary) of the article.


Step FIVE: Some of the records will have summaries. After reading the summary, I want to see the entire article. Click on the "Full Text HTML" link and the entire full-text of the article will appear.


Step SIX:  If you want to print the article, then click on the text link that says "Print." IF you need to print the CITATION, as some assignments require, then please scroll down this screen to view Step SEVEN.

Step SEVEN: In order to print the citation, you need to get back to this record. You need to "mark" the record. Click within the small white box in the upper left portion of the record. Once you mark the record, you should see "Get Marked" change to (1).

Click on "Get Marked" link.



Step EIGHT: The citation should appear as seen in this example. Click on the Printer Icon / Button near the top right of the screen.  You need to use the top printer button in order to print the screen.


Step NINE: If you have not printed the article, you can click on the "Full Text HTML" link and the full text of the article will appear on the screen.


Step TEN: Click on the text link that says "Print" and you will be able to print the entire document.

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