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OAT 151 World Factbook Tutorial

Originally, quite a few years ago, the OAT 151 "Country Assignment" was created for a number of reasons but one of the reasons was to have the students do research. This assignment was designed to be a library research assignment.  Originally, the students had to go to the library and access information from library books, magazines, and journals.  Some sources have become available on the Web for free, since the original assignment. The World Factbook is one such source. You need to check with your teacher if you are allowed to access the World Factbook information from the Web instead of the Reference Book.

Basically, the entire assignment calls for the student to pretend that he or she is going to start a business in a foreign country. In order to keep the business operating, it would be helpful to know something about the culture and business practices in the foreign country. The "Reference Book Search" requires you to find specific information about your country from either the Europa World Yearbook, OR the Statesman's Year Book, OR the World Factbook. The World Factbook is the only source that is available on the Web.

There are two or three ways to get to the World Factbook, online. The easiest and most direct route is to click on the following link:

Step ONE:

The direct link takes you to the Worldbook Factbook main page.

A drop down menu appears on the right of the screen where you can "select a country to view."


Step TWO:

 For this example, we are going to search for information about Russia. I use the pull down menu to highlight and click on "Russia."



You will see a web page similar to the main World Factbook page, but this time there will be a menu for selecting the Introduction, Geography, People and Society, Government, and Economy.  For this assignment, you will be clicking on the Geography link, People and Society link, and the Economy link. Once you click on the link, you can open and close that specific page of information by clicking on the minus and plus buttons on the right of the screen.


Step FOUR:

Click on "Geography" in order to find the "location" information.


Step FIVE:

Here is an example of the "location" information that you need for the answer on the first page of the assignment. Click on the minimize button to go back to the main Russia menu, again.


Step SIX:

Click on the "People and Society" link to find information about languages and religions.



Under "People and Society" will be the following information:



Exports can be found under the "Economy" link.


Step NINE:

When the Economy page opens, SCROLL WAY DOWN THE PAGE in order to find "Exports - commodities."


Updated June 2014

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