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Academic Testing Guidelines for Faculty 

In an effort to continue to provide Delta College faculty and students with a quality service by the Testing Center, the following guidelines have recently undergone a revision through the cooperative efforts of the LLIC Advisory Board, Division Chairs, administration, and LLIC staff. These revisions are all part of our mission to continuously monitor the services we provide today while exploring and planning for future testing trends and needs.

Basic Guidelines

  • The Testing Center is reserved for exam testing only—ALL face-to-face class quizzes are to be taken in the classroom.
  • Minimum 3-day windows are required for all exams administered in the Testing Center.
  • Test windows close at the end of the day as opposed to various times during the day.
  • No weekend ending dates are to be assigned for any exams.
  • All individual exams are required to have a coversheet with complete instructions attached to them; blank coversheets are available and can be downloaded from the Testing Center website.
  • Firm test windows are requested leaving extensions/changes for emergencies only.
  • Homework is not accepted in the Testing Center.
  • When the Testing Center is unexpectedly closed (i.e., due to bad weather, etc.) all exams scheduled to close that day will automatically be rescheduled to close on the next business day that the Testing Center is open.
  • Students are strongly advised to make appointments for computerized exams due to the limited number of computers and increased online course offerings.
  • Students are to be advised of Testing Center student guidelines, hours and ID requirements prior to sending them to the Testing Center.  Student guidelines are available on the Testing Center website.
  • Exams must be hand delivered to the Testing Center and picked up in person. Exams will not be returned through the interoffice mail system, US postal system or FAXED. Faculty-bay secretaries are allowed to pick-up faculty exams.
  • NCS scanning of exams is completed as time permits. Request forms are available at the Testing Center and on the Testing Center website. Faculty should plan on dropping off scanning requests and returning later in the day for results as testing students takes priority. Note: OIT Help Desk also scans exams.

Important Notes

  • Faculty requesting out-of-class testing do so to retain all instruction time that would have been lost through normal classroom testing. Faculty are not to send students for out-of-class testing in place of instruction time.
  • If faculty are unable to meet their class for a scheduled exam, it is the division’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements or reschedule exams. Students are not to be sent to the Testing Center.
  • If a testing problem or concern develops the instructor should contact the Testing Center Coordinator (ext. 9014).

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