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Specialized Testing Guidelines for Non-Academic Classes

The following guidelines have been developed to ensure a secure, comfortable testing environment is provided for all computer based and paper/pencil testing offered through Delta College Testing Center.


  • Photo Identification: Your current (not expired) government issued photo identification (driver’s license, ID, passport) is required to test. Depending on the testing company, a second piece of identification may also be required.  Please refer to the specific testing company for additional details.
  • Testing fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • Be prompt. Test Sessions begin promptly at posted times with no exceptions and no late arrivals! 
  • All electronic devices (including cell phones) should be left at home or in your car. They must not be used from the time you are admitted to test until testing concludes.
  • Be courteous. Please be quiet as you arrive and leave the test area so as not to disturb any other examinees.


Prohibited Items

Do NOT bring any of the following:

  • Food or drink
  • Cell phone or ANY electronic device other than a permitted calculator (examples of electronic devices include timer, cell phone, PDAs, media player, headphones, camera)
  • Books, dictionaries, notes, scratch paper
  • Highlight pens, colored pens or pencils, correction fluid/tape
  • Reading material
  • Tobacco in any form


Prohibited Behavior

  • Filling in or altering ovals on a test or continuing to write an essay after time has been called on that test
  • Looking back at a test on which time has been called
  • Looking ahead in the test booklet
  • Looking at another examinee’s test booklet, answer document, computer screen
  • Giving or receiving assistance
  • Using a prohibited calculator or using a calculator on any test for on which a calculator in not allowed
  • Using any device to share or exchange information at any time during the tests or during breaks  
  • Attempting to remove test materials, including questions or answers, from the test room by any means
  • Not following instructions or abiding by the rules of the test room
  • Exhibiting confrontational, threatening or unruly behavior
  • Creating a disturbance or allowing an alarm or phone to sound in the test room



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