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Nursing Clinical Sites

Clinical sites used for nursing clinical rotations may vary from semester to semester. Clinical sites depend on several things:

  • Agency availability on particular course dates, days of the week and time slots. Also agency availability may be affected by the number of nursing programs utilizing that agency.
  • The Nursing Course itself, like OB, PEDs, and Mental Health. These specialty areas may be in selected agencies only.
  • Student population. Most students are from the tri-city area so we try to make the traveling time convenient to the best of our ability for the majority of our students. Students who live a distance from the clinical site may choose to stay with a colleague or friend in the area.
  • Faculty requests. We attempt to have faculty in the agencies where they are most comfortable, so that they know the paper work, staff and the general operations of the agency well enough to assist students in learning. Generally faculty are with their students whenever they are in the clinical site, except at the senior level of the RN program, when agency preceptors are used for the management rotation. Still in the senior level, faculty know the agency their students are in and they also make visits to again enhance student learning of the RN Manager of Care role.

Clinical Agencies that we utilize currently for clinical rotations:

Long Term Care Clinical Agencies we currently use and/or may use in the future:


Many of these clinical agencies plus the Mobile Medical Response Education Department belong to the Nursing Advisory Board at Delta College. The Delta College Nursing Discipline works together with the Nursing Advisory Board as partners to enhance nursing education at Delta College and in the Profession of Nursing.

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