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FAQ's about the Delta-SVSU Nursing Partnership ADN to BSN Concurrent Program

What is the Delta-SVSU nursing partnership that leads to a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN)?

In Fall 2014, Delta College began partnering with Saginaw Valley State University to provide a concurrent program in which students in Delta’s ADN program may take classes toward their BSN at the same time.

What are the advantages to participating in this program option?
The advantages of this program option for the student are that it allows them to attain their BSN within two or three semesters of completing their ADN, and the total cost of their education is less than if they were to take all of their courses through the University.  The advantage for the community is that there will be more BSN prepared registered nurses entering the workforce, and the nurse with a BSN preparation is beginning to be preferred by employers both locally and nationally. 

Who is eligible?
Those who are selected as a Nurse Scholar for the Full-time ADN program may be eligible to enter the concurrent program option leading to a BSN.

  • To be eligible to apply for the Nursing Scholar Program, you must be currently validated and meet the initial criteria of an overall GPA of 3.5 or  better.
  • Each semester (Fall, Winter) we send out approximately 130 letters and applications to qualified applicants. We receive roughly half of those back. We then choose up to 30 students per semester to come into the full-time RN program, and up to 20 students each Fall semester to come into the part-time program, as Nurse Scholars.
  • Various factors will be utilized to determine the top applicants. Entry will be based not only on GPA, but also the number of credit hours completed at Delta, honors courses, repeated courses, final grade in BIO 152 and BIO 153 or BIO 240 and BIO 241, work experience related to nursing, and score on an admission exam. Applicants must be a Certified Nursing Assistant or equivalent (see Basic Nursing Skill requirement) to apply.

Your overall GPA is at least 3.5 and you are interested in enrolling in the concurrent ADN/BSN program option, what else do you need to qualify?
You will also need to complete the following courses with a grade of at least a C or better. 

  • PSY 211 – 4 credits (needed to graduation at Delta, also meets SVSU Social Science requirement)
  • SOC 211 – 3 credits (needed to graduation at Delta, also meets SVSU Social Institutions requirement)
  • MTH 209 Statistics – 4 credits (also meets Numerical Understanding requirement)
  • Literature – 3 credits
  • Arts – 3 credits
  • POL 225 – 3 credits (required for graduation at Delta, also meets SVSU International Systems requirement)
  • Oral Communication – 3 credits
  • History & Philosophy -- 3 credits

Will you still be able to use your federal financial aid?
Yes, coordinated federal financial aid is available for both Delta and SVSU coursework.

How long will it take for you to complete your BSN after graduating from Delta with your ADN?
After receiving your ADN from Delta and passing the NCLEX-RN, it is possible to complete your BSN in about 2 semesters.

For more information please contact:  

Wanda Zenzen - (989) 686-9274, 

Andrea Frederick - (989) 964-4541,

Jeff Zulauf - (on Delta's campus three days a week in the Counseling and Advising Department)

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