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Delta College Nursing FAQ's

Does Delta have a waitlist for their nursing programs?

Yes. For the full-time RN program the wait for clinicals is currently about 2 years; for the part-time RN program, the wait is approximately 1-2 years; and for the Paramedic/LPN to RN transition program, the wait is 1-2 years. For the LPN program, you can expect to wait about 1-2 years for clinicals.

Why is the wait for clinicals so long?

There are several reasons why students wait so long for clinicals. First, we are mandated by the State of Michigan as to how many students can be in our program and each classroom/clinical section; Delta is not the only college in the area using local hospitals/extended care facilities for their clinicals – thus space is limited; and there is a lack of clinical instructors. However, it is important to know that every student who validates will be offered admission to the clinical program with time.

How do I apply for Delta’s nursing program(s)?

First you must complete any required CORE courses. Following completion of those courses, you will complete a validation application, which places you on the waitlist for clinicals. Once your validation application is approved, you will be assigned a semester of validation. Your entry into clinical is based primarily on your semester of validation.

Does Delta require an entrance exam to qualify for the nursing program?

No, we do not currently require an entrance exam.

Does my grade point average influence my ranking into the nursing program(s)?

No. As long as you meet the minimum GPA of 2.5 and have completed all of your CORE courses with the minimum grade required, you are able to enter Delta’s nursing program(s).

How many students are accepted into Delta’s nursing programs each year?

Delta accepts a total of 120 students into the full-time RN program each year (60 per Fall semester and 60 per Winter semester); a total of 40 students are accepted into the part-time RN program each Fall semester; 34 students are accepted into the RN transition program each winter semester; and 30 students are accepted into the PN program each Fall semester.

Does Delta have a part-time RN program?

Yes. The part-time clinical program starts each Fall semester and consists of six consecutive semesters of six credits, while the full-time program meets only during Fall and Winter semesters.

If I’m accepted into the part-time RN program, can I switch to the full-time RN program?

Students are allowed to change program tracks only once during their nursing clinicals. So, if you switch from part-time to full-time, you must complete the program in the full-time track, and vice versa.

How many days a week is the full-time RN program?

The full-time program averages three full days per week.

How many days a week is the part-time RN program?

The part-time program averages two full days per week spread out throughout the year.

Is there a physical exam required for Delta’s nursing programs?

Yes,  the physical exam form must be completed by your family physician, PAC, or FNP. 

Is proof of immunizations required for Delta’s nursing programs?

Yes. All students must have documentation of their immunizations, including an annual negative TB test, Hepatitis B immunization, Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR), Varicella documentation, and a current Tetanus and Influenza vaccine.

Is Fingerprinting required for Delta’s nursing programs?

Yes. Each student must have fingerprinting completed prior to entry into clinicals.

Is there a fee for the fingerprinting?

Yes. The current fee is $75 and is subject to change.

I’ve already had a criminal background check completed for my job. Do I have to have another one?

Yes. Fingerprinting is only good for 90 days prior to entry into Delta’s nursing programs.

If I have a misdemeanor or felony conviction on my record, will I be eligible for the nursing program?

Felony or serious misdemeanor convictions will exempt you from entering Delta’s clinical program(s).

Where are Delta’s nursing clinical courses held?

Delta currently utilizes Covenant Health Care, St. Mary’s of Michigan, Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center, McLaren Bay Region, Mid-Michigan Medical Center (Midland) and various local nursing homes and extended care facilities.

Are there scholarships available at Delta for the nursing programs?

Yes. Various scholarships are available by checking with the Financial Aid Office or the Nursing website at

What type of CPR is required for Delta’s nursing clinicals?

We recommend CPR for the HealthCare Provider or CPR for the Professional Rescuer. CPR must include adult, child and infant CPR to qualify.

Can I apply to more than one nursing school at a time?


Is there a fee required with my application to Delta’s nursing programs?

No, there is no admission fee required.

Are there time constraints on prerequisite courses I have already completed?

At five years, it is recommended you take an A&P Refresher course; at 10 years you may be asked to retake your A&P I and II , as well as Microbiology and Pharmacology.

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