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Nursing Programs

Delta is the right choice for you if you are looking for the best nursing programs in the Great Lakes Bay Region offering optimal clinical hands-on training!

Registered Nurse

See Nursing (ADN) - Associate In Applied Science

A two year Associate Degree in Applied Science which is offered in both full time and part time tracks.

The RN program of study prepares the student to function effectively as a member of the health care team. This program requires a strong commitment to critical thinking, team collaboration, leadership, and development of sound clinical knowledge and skills. Upon successfully completing this program, you are eligible to take the Registered Nurse licensure exam. Our RN graduates work in clinical settings such as acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, doctor's offices, home health care, hospice, industrial, and prison nursing positions.

The Delta College RN program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. The program is intense, but our pass rates for the RN-NCLEX are exceptionally high, and area employers are pleased with our graduates. The program is built on a strong nursing/medical theory foundation which leads to increased time in clinical practice as the student proceeds through each semester.

You can take the RN/ADN program either full-time or part-time.

Practical Nurse

See Practical Nurse - Advanced Certificate

A one year Certificate program.

At Delta College, the student who declares a major in practical nursing first takes a series of prerequisite courses including Sciences, English, Math, Pharmacology, and Medical Terminology. These prerequisite courses prepare the practical nursing student for clinical course work. In clinical, after learning a basic foundation of nursing/medical theories, the student then learns to collect needed patient data and perform certain procedural skills and medication administration. The LPN program is approximately one year in length.  The Delta College PN program is excellent at preparing students to sit for the LPN State Board Exam with an exceptionally high pass rate. 

Once a student is out of school and has received their State Board of Nursing license to be a licensed Practical Nurse, he/she can work in a variety of settings such as acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, doctor/dentist office, and home health care. The PN assists physicians and Registered Nurses in the development and modification of patient care plans, performs basic tests, and assists with medications and other treatments. 

Transition from PN/Paramedic to RN

See Nursing Rn Transition Track - Licensed Practical Nurse To Rn - Associate In Applied Science
See Nursing Rn Transition Track - Licensed Paramedic To Rn - Associate In Applied Science

A 16 month Associate Degree in Applied Science.

Delta College offers a special track Associate Degree program for currently licensed Practical Nurses (PN) and currently licensed Paramedics with 1 year full-time equivalent or 2 year part-time equivalent work experience. Once the student has successfully passed required prerequisites and validated for the clinical sequence, it then takes 16 months to complete the clinical course work. This program builds on past experiences/education and is intense as it prepares the LPN and Paramedic in reinforcing the basics while learning advanced nursing/medical theories, clinical nursing practice, critical thinking, decision making, and team management. 

When the PN/Paramedic completes the Transition program, they will sit for the RN-NCLEX State Board Exam. Delta College's student success is exceptionally high on State Board exam pass rates. 

Dual Degree

See Dual Degrees - Nursing - General Management Associate Degree

Associate Degree in Nursing (RN)/General Management, would require earning the Associate Degree in Nursing plus an additional 24 credits from Business Studies. 

Dual Associate Degrees are available in several health curricula with the General Management Program. Generally, the requirements are completed simultaneously, however, the business courses will normally be completed prior to beginning your clinical sequence. Your diploma will list both the Associate in Applied Science Degree and the Associate in Business Studies Degree. In addition to completing all of the courses for an approved applied science program, you must complete a minimum of 24 additional credits from the courses listed on our website. 

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