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Nursing Discipline Suggested Optional Classes

This list may help you in your future nursing practice and/or it may help you add credits, if necessary.

Some of these classes are excellent and we wish we could require them, but we can't due to credit hour limitations set by outside requirements.




Credit Hours

 IHU 210 Death and Dying The prerequisite is ENG 111.  As nurses, we must deal with death and dying.  The description of this course seems appropriate for nursing students.  3 cr.
 LIB 195  Library Research Skills This course would help students who are not used to working with the computer and other library resources for searches.  There are formal and informal papers, plus patient research needs, required in nursing courses.  1 cr.
 HSC 105  Medical Terminology PN program requires this course, but we don't require it for the RN tracks, because of the inability to add credits.  BUT, this course is important for all nursing students.  2 cr.
 HSC 140  Basic Medical Emergencies This course offers fundamental emergency techniques which would be good for nurses too.  2 cr.
 PHL 221  Critical Thinking & Logic All nurses must be able to think critically.  This course might open the student's mind to question uncertainties.  4 cr.
 LWT 165  Community First Aid We really don't teach first aid measures to nursing students, they pick it up in practice.  Neighbors will utilize nurses for health care concerns, so this class may increase the student's confidence in themselves related to basic first aid.

 1 cr.

 LWT 170  CPR Students must have CPR prior to entering clinical agencies.  This course is likely more in-depth than a community CPR session, which would also benefit the student.  Generally, at the beginning of each Fall and Winter semester, the Nursing Office will arrange a CPR course for incoming students who have not yet received their CPR certification.  1 cr.
 MTH 209 Statistics       This course will be needed if you plan to pursue a BSN   4 cr
 SPA 109  Spanish for Health Care Professionals I Often we get patients in a the hospital who do not speak fluent English.  This might be helpful for nurses.  2 cr.
 SPA 110 Spanish for Health Care Professionals II  Part II of the above course. 2 cr
 ASL 111  Sign Language I If a patient cannot verbalize his or her needs, and does so only with sign language, this course may be helpful.  3 cr

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