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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a charge to use the wireless Internet?

No. The use of Delta College’s wireless Internet is free to students, staff, faculty and (after obtaining a username & password) the public.

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What’s my username and password?

If you’ve been a student in the past two years, or are currently employed by Delta, you already have an account. This account can be used to log in to the network in the labs, or for Webmail, eLearning or a variety of other services at Delta including the wireless Internet. The password can be changed by entering your information on the page There are also kiosks available in both LLIC and K-Wing for this purpose.

If you do not meet the criteria above, you may receive a temporary public account by requesting one at the Lab Assistant's station in the LLIC. This account will allow Internet access from the labs and the wireless Internet for the day it is issued. Please have a form of picture ID available when requesting a public account.

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Which wireless cards are supported by Delta?

No particular wireless card is supported by the College, however any card supporting the 802.11g/n standard should work.

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What are the hardware/software requirements to use Delta’s wireless Internet connection?


  • PC running Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 or 8 
  • Macintosh Computers running Macintosh OS X
  • Apple devices running iOS
  • Android devices running Android OS
  • Other OS’s read your wireless card’s owners manual for setup

A wireless card that meets the IEEE 802.11g/n standard.

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How do I get started using wireless?

Please refer to the Network Connection Guides provide by OIT found here.

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Where is wireless Internet available on campus?

Wireless Network connectivity is available in all publicly accessible areas of Delta College, including classrooms, common areas, hallways and office areas.  
This coverage also applies within the Midland, Planetarium, and Ricker Center Campuses. For a complete map of areas, please click here.

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Are there any restrictions on using the wireless Internet?

Yes. There are guidelines and policies in place that explain the restrictions for using Delta’s Internet. These guidelines can be reviewed by accessing the Access and Use Guidelines.

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Can I do everything with a wireless connection that can be done with a wired connection?

No. Only access to the Internet is permitted from the wireless Internet. Access to the file servers is available only from the wired network in classrooms, labs and offices.

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Does it matter how many people are using the wireless Internet at one time? Can the network handle hundreds of users logged in at the same time?

The network can handle thousands of users logged in at one time, however, the more people actively using the network the slower it gets.  Slower than expected downloads can likely be attributed to the full use of Delta College's internet connection. 

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I have a 54Mbps card but I'm not even getting 5Mbps. Is my card defective?

The speed advertised is a theoretical maximum speed which is only attained under ideal conditions. Distance from an access point as well as obstacles that block the signal will greatly affect the speed that you see. Additionally the full utilization of Delta College internet connection can greatly affect download speeds from internet resources, such as streaming video.

The wireless Internet connection is, by nature, more prone to disruption than a wired network. Also, the speed of the wireless Internet is shared among all users who are using a particular access point. If you are in a crowded area with other wireless users, you may see significantly reduced speeds.

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How fast is a wireless connection?

Depending on location and type of wireless card, it’s possible to see connection speeds at up to 150 Mbps on Delta’s wireless network. However, Delta currently provides only 100Mbps to the Internet which is shared by both wired and wireless. Because it is shared, as more users are connected, the speed of your connection will drop.

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