Exploring the Sky

Follow the links below to help you explore the sky!

Basic Tools:

What's Out Tonight? – your guide to the evening night sky.

Sky Treasures - Mike Murray's video about the current night sky.

Use Your Smartphone or Tablet – to explore the sky.

Advanced Starmap – a detailed sky map and exploration guide. 

Sky Calendar – subscribe to this classic observing guide.

Uncle Al's Star Wheel – make your own star and constellation finder.

Buying your first telescope – tips from the pros.

What's in the Sky This Week

In the Sky.org

Get Involved:

Our local Astronomy Club

Star Classification



Science for Citizens

More Resources:

What's Up in the Sky?– Sky & Telescope Magazine's excellent resource.

STAR GAZER– tips on observing the sky with the unaided-eye.

StarDate – a daily radio program on astronomy.

Earth & Sky– a daily radio program that includes skywatching information.

The Constellations & Their Stars– constellations, star charts, legends, and all.

Earth & Moon Viewer– light and shadow on our "double planet" system.

Your Sky– interactive planetarium and virtual telescope.

Sky View Virtual Observatory– request views of the sky in various wavelengths.

Solar System Live– see where the planets are right now.

Space Weather– see how strong the solar wind is today.

Cosmic Distance Scale– zoom out from Earth to the farthest reaches of space.  

All About Light Pollution – an article by Chris Johnson..

International Dark Sky Association– help preserve our heritage of dark skies.

Meteorite Information– see if that strange rock you found is a meteorite.

Observers' Tools:

Clear Sky Forecast– observing conditions for mid-Michigan.

UM-Weather – for current and long-range weather forecasts.

Atmospheric Effects– Sun Dogs, Pillars, Halos, etc.

Geo-Astro Applet Collection– detailed solar & lunar data (requires Java).

Satellite Predictions– "Heavens Above" website.

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