Special Events:

Delta College Planetarium astronomers will say “Hi” to NASA's Juno spacecraft on Wednesday, October 9, at 2:00pm.  The public is invited to attend the event.

NASA's Juno spacecraft will fly past Earth on October 9 to receive a gravity assist from our planet, putting it on course for Jupiter. 

The Juno mission team has invited amateur radio operators around the world to say "HI" to Juno in a coordinated Morse Code message. Juno's radio & plasma wave experiment, called Waves, should be able to detect the message. 

Delta College Planetarium astronomers will be transmitting their signal on a frequency of 28.270 MHz.

The Juno spacecraft will be within a distance of 50,000 kilometers from 2:00pm to 4:40pm EDT, and the Juno science instrument team has determined that Juno has the best chance of detecting the "HI" signal at this range. 

If the activity is successful, the Juno Waves instrument data containing the message will be shared by the Juno team and the Delta College Planetarium after the flyby.

Juno was launched in August, 2011 and will arrive at Jupiter in July, 2016.  Juno's principal goal is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter

Let's Have a Blast Camp

Wednesday, April 1 from 10am through 2pm.  For students ages 7-11, $20/person. 

Learn and interact with other students who are interested in the excitement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)! 

The camp includes a pizza lunch and admission to our 1:00pm public show, "Astronaut."

Participants build and launch a variety of craft such as air-powered rockets, hovercraft, and other models. Challenges include building landing systems, and protective enclosures for “astronauts.”

Students have fun while developing and utilizing problem-solving skills.

Advance registration and payment required. Deadline to register is Monday, March 30 at Noon

All supplies and materials provided.

International Astronomy Day:

Saturday, April 25 at 7:30pm. FREE event! Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope.  Beautiful Hubble images will fill our planetarium dome as area astronomy professionals describe their meaning in our understanding of the Universe. 

The Pluto Story

A special FREE event at the Delta College Planetarium, Tuesday, June 16 at 7:00pm.

Get ready for the arrival of the New Horizons spacecraft at (Dwarf Planet) Pluto!  History is about to be made and written at this distant world.

The New Horizons spacecraft will make its closest approach to Pluto in mid-July, then travels on to new destinations and explorations in the Kuiper Belt region of our Solar System.

Learn the history of Pluto's discovery and re-classification as a Dwarf Planet.  See the latest images of Pluto as revealed by the approaching spacecraft.  Get ready for new discoveries!


Explore the legends of love told by ancient cultures about constellations and other sky objects. - See more at: http://www.moreheadplanetarium.org/things-to-do/special-activities/carolina-skies-valentine-edition#sthash.6sAXkaVy.dpuf
Explore the legends of love told by ancient cultures about constellations and other sky objects. - See more at: http://www.moreheadplanetarium.org/things-to-do/special-activities/carolina-skies-valentine-edition#sthash.6sAXkaVy.d

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