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Perseus and Andromeda

(Families, all ages)

The classic Greek story of the King and Queen, their Princess, the Monsters, AND the Hero who saves the day.
A wonderful story filled with humorous and exciting characters, it will engage your desire to learn about astronomy.

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Perfect Little Planet

(All ages)

Imagine the ultimate space vacation! Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Fly over the surface of Pluto, our best known Dwarf Planet. Dive over the ice cliffs of Miranda. Sail through the rings of Saturn. Feel the lightning storms of Jupiter. And walk on the surface of Mars. Which destination would you choose? A solar system journey for space travelers of all ages.

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The Moon

(PreK - grade 2 and families)

 “The Moon” targets grades K through 2 and focuses on observations of the moon. The show is a modular planetarium program that can play as a complete show or incorporate live interactive instructional segments. Hands-on activities can be demonstrated and discussed to round out a complete learning experience on lunar observation by early elementary students.

Learn More: Education guide and full show preview.

Sesame Street - One World, One Sky:

Big Bird's Adventure

(PreK - grade 2 and families)

This show follows Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Elmo as they explore the night sky with Hu Hu Zhu, a Muppet from Zhima Jie, the Chinese co-production of Sesame Street. Together, they take an imaginary trip from Sesame Street to the moon, where they discover how different it is from Earth. One World, One Sky is a brilliant spectacle of light and color as the furry friends watch the stars twinkle over Sesame Street. Children attending the show can interact as they watch, drawing constellations and counting the time it takes the sun to set.

One, World, One Sky is a production of Adler Planetarium, Sesame Workshop, Beijing Planetarium, and Liberty Science Center and was produced with major support from the National Science Foundation.
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Zula Patrol: Under the Weather

(PreK - grade 4 and families)

From the far reaches of outer space, from the bright orange planet Zula, comes the Zula Patrol! Based on the #1-rated NBC Saturday Morning TV series “The Zula Patrol.” The stalwart heroes of the Zula Patrol are on an expedition collecting samples of weather for scientist Multo's research -- using their loyal pet Gorga's ability to collect and bottle all kinds of weather. But when the Zula gang inadvertently hurts Gorga's feelings, he decides to leave Zula and find another planet to live on. Interplanetary villain Dark Truder then tricks Gorga into stealing the weather from other planets - part of his latest nefarious scheme to rule the Universe. Join the Zula Patrol on the expedition as they tour our solar system trying to find their loyal pet Gorga. In the process, you will learn about different types of weather on earth and the other planets as well as the similarities and differences between both. Don’t miss the surprise at the end! In addition, you'll tour the night sky as seen from your own backyard.

Based on the award-winning PBS TV series, and the #1-rated NBC Saturday Morning TV series now reaching 300 million households worldwide. “The Zula Patrol,” supports many national and state science education standards. A co-production of Zula International and Spitz Inc.


For more information on the Zula Patrol TV series visit them online at:


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The Enchanted Reef

(Grades K - 5 and families)

The vastness of our planet’s oceans guards unimaginable secrets. One of its most precious is Kaluoka’hina, The Enchanted Reef whose magic protects it against humans finding it. Kaluoka’hina’s colorful inhabitants live in peace until the volcano erupts, and the spell is broken. Now it’s up to Jake, the young sawfish, and his paranoid pal, Shorty, to restore the magic of Kaluoka’hina. Their only lead: the ancient legend that tells of touching the moon. An exciting adventure, packed with humor, sprinkled with conservationism, as well as educational flavor: a treat for the entire family. Spectacular underwater scenery, playful characters and the totally immersive environment of the digital theater makes this show a must see.


Produced by Softmachine.

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The Little Star That Could

(Grades K-6 and families)


The Little Star That Could is a story about Little Star, an average yellow star in search of planets of his own to protect and warm. Along the way, he meets other stars, learns what makes each star special, and discovers that stars combine to form star clusters and galaxies. Eventually, Little Star finds his planets. Each planet is introduced with basic information about our Solar System.


Originally produced by The St. Louis Science Center. New Digital-360 production directed by Willie Castro of Willie Castro Animation, Inc. New musical score by JAV Productions. Distributed by Audio Visual Imagineering. 

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Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

(Grades 1-5 and families)


This adventure is the story of two children who build a rocket out of a refrigerator box and take a fantastic journey through the solar system with the help of a magical book and their own vivid imaginations. Experience our Solar System - from the boiling surface of the sun… to the icy rings of Saturn. Children of all ages will be mesmerized by the incredible scenery and motion that only the Delta Digital-360 system can offer. Discover the wonder of discovery in, The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket.


Provides an excellent introduction to the planets of our Solar System.


Sound effects and 5.1 surround mix provided by Skywalker Sound. Produced by Clark Planetarium Productions.
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Molecularium - Riding Snowflakes

(Grades 1 - 6 and families)


For young planetarium visitors, Molecularium - Riding Snowflakes is a magical, musical adventure into the world of atoms and molecules. After exploring the sky as we see it from Earth, this Digital-360 experience takes you on a journey with "Oxy," "Hydro," "Hydra," and an amazing cast of atoms, aboard the most fantastic ship in the universe: the Molecularium. Molecularium - Riding Snowflakes brings kids on a musical cartoon adventure into a nanoscale universe created from accurate molecular simulation. Here they learn about the 3 states of matter as they travel into a cloud, watch a snowflake form, and count the number of water molecules in a rain drop. An awesome experience, not soon forgotten!

Show content is relevant in the following subject areas:

Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth and Space Science Standards

  • Properties of objects and materials
  • Position and motion of objects
  • Light, heat, electricity, and magnetism
  • The characteristics of organisms
  • Properties of earth materials

Science as Inquiry

  • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
  • Understanding about scientific inquiry

Science and Technology

  • Abilities of technological design
  • Understanding about science and technology
  • Abilities to distinguish between natural objects and objects made by humans

Molecularium™ Riding Snowflakes is a Nanotoon Production.

Made Possible by a Grant from The National Science Foundation.

Produced by the Molecularium Project, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
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Follow The Drinking Gourd

(Grades 1 - 6)

Black slaves escaping to freedom followed a path north across the United States known as "The Underground Railroad." As with most peoples of the past, the night sky was special to them, and they used "The Drinking Gourd" or "The Big Dipper" to help them find their way. Find out why the Big Dipper was so important as we explore their dangerous journey north.

Preview some of the visuals: Learn More

NOTE: "Follow the Drinking Gourd" is a short presentation and should be scheduled along with another full-length show.  Additionally, "Follow the Drinking Gourd" is not a full-dome presentation.



Cody Coyote's Adventure:
Earth, Moon and Sun

(Grades 2 - 6 and families)


Why do the Sun, Moon, and stars seem to move across the sky? Why are different evening star patterns visible at different times of the year? Why does the Moon seem to change shape from time to time? This amusing and educational planetarium show explores the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun with the help of Cody Coyote, an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions. Coyote has many misconceptions about our home planet and its most familiar neighbors. His confusion about the universe makes viewers think about how Earth, Moon and Sun work together as a system. Native American stories are used throughout the show to help distinguish between myths and science. Learn why the sun rises and sets and the basics of fusion and solar energy. Examine the moon's orbit, craters, phases and eclipses. Also, the show explores past and future space travel to our moon and beyond.


Produced by Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.

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NOTE: Groups have the option of also seeing FLY ME TO THE MOON when they request CODY COYOTE’S ADVENTURE: EARTH, MOON & SUN

Fly Me to the Moon

(Grades 2-6 and families)


Delta Digital-360 takes viewers along on a space adventure of the third kind. Fly Me to the Moon combines the Apollo 11 mission with a whimsical twist involving three tween-aged flies who go along on an incredible space adventure. It introduces new generations to space exploration and the historic moment when the world was united for this awe-inspiring achievement.


Produced by nWave Pictures.

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Back to the Moon for Good

(Grades 3 to adult and families)

 Immerse yourself in a race to the Moon 40 years after the historic Apollo landings. Learn about the history of lunar exploration, and the Moon’s resources. Discover what humanity’s future on the Moon might hold. See how a competition among privately funded international teams is ushering in a new era of lunar exploration.  Narrated by Tim Allen, BACK TO THE MOON FOR GOOD presents the Google Lunar XPRIZE, and the personal stories of competition and collaboration it inspires.

See how a competition among privately funded international teams is ushering in a new era of lunar exploration.

Learn about the history of lunar exploration, and the Moon’s resources. Discover what humanity’s future on the Moon might hold. See how a competition among privately funded international teams is ushering in a new era of lunar exploration.

Narrated by Tim Allen, BACK TO THE MOON FOR GOOD presents the Google Lunar XPRIZE, and the personal stories of competition and collaboration it inspires.

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Two Small Pieces of Glass: The Amazing Telescope

(Grade 3 to adult and families)

Two students at a star party learn about the uses, history and discoveries that the telescope has made for humankind. This program helps us understand our place in the Universe by showing us the view through our most important observational tool - the telescope.

Galileo’s telescopic observations began a revolution, transforming our views of the cosmos and our place within. It is a revolution which, four hundred years later, continues. Today you can attend star parties where amateur astronomers set up their telescopes for public viewing. Views through such telescopes would have amazed Galileo. Two Small Pieces of Glass puts you in the middle of a modern star party. Discover the wonders that even a small amateur telescope can reveal and learn about the scientists that made such views possible. Learn about the discoveries of Galileo, Huygens, Newton, Hubble and many others.



Produced by: Imiloa Astronomy Center, Buhl Planetarium, & Interstellar Studios.

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(Grades 3 to adult and families)


Every star has a story. Some are as old as time, faint and almost forgotten. Others burn bright and end their lives in powerful explosions. New stars are created every day, born of vast clouds of gas and dust. Through every phase of their existence, stars release the energy that powers the Universe. Journey to the farthest reaches of our galaxy and experience both the awesome beauty and destructive power of Stars.

This dramatic program features the voice talent of Mark Hamill.

The Nashville Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Albert-George Schram, resident conductor, performed part of the Stars soundtrack.

Produced by Sudekum Planetarium and NSC Creative.
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Extreme Planets

(Grades 4 to adult and families)

Just over a decade ago there were no known planets orbiting sunlike stars outside our own solar system. Since 1995, however, fast-paced developments in astronomy have revealed over 700 extrasolar planets--with the pace of discovery increasing all the time. Though it will be years before we have direct images of the surfaces of these worlds, this show gives us an idea of what they might look like - up close and personal! Extreme Planets explores the idea of what "Earth-like" even means, and takes an immersive journey to several worlds that will stretch the imagination, but aren't science fiction anymore.

Produced by Clark Planetarium Productions.

Narrated by Rene Auberjonois. Script by Ray Villard.

Sound effects and 5.1 surround sound mix preformed by Skywalker Sound.
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Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

(Grades 4 to adult and families)

Travel to a unique planet — to call your home! Imagine that you are a traveler from the depths of interstellar space. As you approach our solar system, what will you find? Long before you reach the Sun, you traverse the Oort cloud, the deep freeze at the outermost reaches. You pass by the gas giants and their families of moons and rings. Finally, you reach the inner solar system, and the rocky worlds of Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. If you were looking for a place to call home, which world would YOU choose?

From the cold frontier inhabited by the dwarf planets of the outer solar system to the warmth of the Sun, any self-respecting traveler would ultimately be drawn to Earth, to explore and understand how this planet alone has come to be an ideal haven for life. Discover seasonal climate changes, and witness wondrous visions from the surface of this unique world — Moon phases and eclipses.

Chronicle of a Journey to Earth is a tour of the solar system from the outside in, focused on Earth and how it is unique. The viewer learns about each of the planets, as well as the difference between rocky and giant planets, and is introduced to dwarf planets and other objects in the solar system. Once on Earth, the viewer is taught about specific sky events that distinguish Earth from other planets: lunar phases, and lunar and solar eclipses. The viewer also learns about the way that Earth's seasons work and how they depend on Earth's tilt on its axis and its relationship to the Sun. These concepts are woven together into a documentary journey and help relate the information presented in the show to the lives of students, families, and the general public. Come along for the ride, and see our neighborhood in space from a new perspective.

Show content is relevant in the following subject areas:

  1. Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth and Space Science Standards
  2. Objects in the sky: Sun, Moon, planets, moons, rings, comet nuclei, asteroids
  3. Properties of solar system objects
  4. Properties of Earth and Moon
  5. Properties of orbital motions
  6. Properties of eclipses and how they relate to orbital motions
  7. Science as Inquiry
  8. Understanding the concepts behind the motion of solar system objects
  9. Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
  10. Earth's place in the solar system and in the Earth-Moon system
  11. Earth's specific seasons and what we experience (energy in the Earth system)
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Cosmic Colors

(Grades 5 to adult and families)


Cosmic Colors will take you on a wondrous journey across something called the "electromagnetic spectrum." Discover the many reasons for color - like why the sky is blue and why Mars is red. Take a tour within a plant leaf and journey inside the human eye. Investigate x-rays by voyaging to a monstrous black hole and then back at your doctor's office. You will even see the actual color of a dinosaur - based on recent evidence. You'll also explore the night sky and the awesome colors visible there. Get ready for an amazing adventure under a rainbow of cosmic light.

Produced and distributed by the Great Lakes Planetarium Association.
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Stars of the Pharaohs

(Grade 5 to adult and families))


Travel to ancient Egypt to see how science was used to tell time, make a workable calendar, and align huge buildings. You’ll learn about the connection the ancient Egyptians felt with the stars and various astronomical phenomena, and experience some of the most spectacular temples and tombs of the ancient world recreated in all their original splendor.


Telly Award winner.


Narrated by John Rhys-Davies.


Produced by Evans & Sutherland Digital Theater Productions.

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Ultimate Universe


(Grade 5 to adult and families)


From the edge of space and time, through vast fields of wondrous galaxies, to the majesty of our solar system, this show will take audiences on a grand tour of the universe and let them experience its most provocative secrets.


Ultimate Universe is a three dimensional journey from the edge of the universe through space and time to reach our home planet, witnessing the major components of the cosmos along the way. First, tour the night sky as seen from the Earth. Then, peer deep into space through the eyes of the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope and travel back billions of years in time to witness the birth of the universe. On this breathtaking excursion, you’ll witness the formation of galaxies and explore some of the most wondrous nebulae and astronomical structures yet discovered. As your travels continue, you’ll fly deep into our own Milky Way galaxy and return home to Earth on a spectacular tour through the solar system.


Produced by Evans & Sutherland Digital Theater Productions & Clark Planetarium Productions.
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IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System

(Grades 5 to adult and families)

Join scientists who are investigating the boundary between our Solar System and the rest of our galaxy in IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System.

Designed for visitors with an appreciation for the challenges of space science and a desire to learn more about science research, IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System follows the creation of NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX). Audiences will get an in-depth look at the mission and how IBEX is collecting high-speed atoms to create a map of our Solar System's boundary.

Narrated by two inquisitive teenagers, audiences will hear from the scientists and engineers that developed the IBEX mission and created the spacecraft, and get the latest updates on the mission's discoveries.

This production is part of NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer's (IBEX) Education and Public Outreach Program, led by Adler Planetarium and with visualizations from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).



(Grade 6 to adult and families)


The exploration of space is the greatest endeavor that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? Start by taking a live tour of the current night sky to discover amazing things for yourself. Then, to go further, what does it take to become an astronaut? Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut, explore the amazing worlds of inner and outer space, and discover the perils that lurk in space as we subject ‘Chad’, our test astronaut, to everything that space has to throw at him.


Presented in stunning high-definition Digital-360 video and explosive surround sound, Astronaut is an experience like nothing on Earth.


Narrated by Ewan McGregor.


Produced by NSC Creative.
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Black Holes

(Grade 6 to adult and families)


Few mysteries in the universe have the power and awe of a black hole. Only now are we on the verge of understanding their true nature. What are they? How are they made? Is the earth in danger of being pulled into one? Black Holes takes you on a journey through one of the most mystifying, awe-inspiring phenomena in the universe. Where do they come from? Where do they go? How do we find them? Discover the answers in this Digital-360 production using the latest in animation visualization technology.


Narrated by film actor John de Lancie (Q in Star Trek: the Next Generation).


Produced by Clark Planetarium Productions.

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 Dynamic Earth

(Grades 6 to adult and families)

Dynamic Earth explores the inner workings of Earth's climate system. With visualizations based on satellite monitoring data and advanced supercomputer simulations, this cutting-edge production follows a trail of energy that flows from the Sun into the interlocking systems that shape our climate: the atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere. Audiences will ride along on swirling ocean and wind currents, dive into the heart of a monster hurricane, come face-to-face with sharks and gigantic whales, and fly into roiling volcanoes.

Dynamic Earth explores concepts and terms essential to understanding the climate:

  • The relationship of Earth and the Sun. The Earth is close enough to the Sun to bask in its warmth, thanks to a series of natural defenses, including its magnetic field.
  • Life and the carbon cycle. Earth's climate control system depends on the ability of living organisms to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it long term.
  • Plate tectonics and its role in the carbon cycle. Audiences will learn that CO2 emissions from human activities now outpace volcanoes 200 fold.
  • Comparison with Venus. The story of our sister planet shows just how unique Earth is in its ability to regulate atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures.
  • Perspective on climate change. The program fills in major gaps in the public's understanding of climate change, by placing it in a broader context of what shapes Earth's climate.

Dynamic Earth is the result of a two-year long collaboration between Spitz Creative Media, the Advanced Visualization Lab at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois, NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, and Thomas Lucas Productions, Inc.

Produced in association with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and NASA Earth Science.

Narrated by Academy-Award nominated actor Liam Neeson.
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(All Ages)

Animalopolis will take you on a voyage into the magical world of animals. A bit fanciful, a bit "Seussian" perhaps, a place of good natured humor, beauty and just plain fun for kids and their parents.

Whether going nose to nose with hippos as they graze upon nature's massive salad bar, or eye to eye with dancing bears, sea lions turning somersaults, an otter that prays, we are reminded that nature provides us with humor and wonder, everywhere.

Animalopolis takes a lighthearted and imaginary look at a variety of animals including cheetahs that race like a Ferrari, bears that run their own fishing school, an operatic lion, scary crabs that hold a town hostage and even attempt to cuddle with children, and much more.

Animalopolis will provide kids and their adults with a journey of smiles and chuckles.

A Graphic Films Production, in Association with Hunan TV & Broadcast, MagicPlay Entertainment.

Distributed by K2 Communications and MagicPlay Entertainment.
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Mysteries of the Great Lakes

(All Ages)

All across the Great Lakes basin, there is a renewed interest in the health of the Lakes, and an increased awareness of the importance of this fresh water resource to the social and economic vitality of North America. Dubbed 'inland seas' by early European explorers, the Great Lakes have some of the most spectacular wilderness scenery on earth, and a fifth of all the planet's fresh water. Today, 25% of all Canadians, and 10% of Americans live on the Great Lakes. In addition, one in every three Canadians and one in every seven Americans rely on the Great Lakes for their fresh water. It takes a drop of water nearly 400 years to travel from the headwaters of Lake Superior to the edge of Lake Ontario. Along the way, the water passes by towering cliffs dotted with early Native American pictographs, caribou and moose grazing on the shores, over giant prehistoric sturgeon lurking among thousands of shipwrecks and past nearly 40 million people who live along the more than 10,000 miles of coastline. It is a dramatic journey through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Now, you can witness the Mysteries of the Great Lakes on the only screen large enough to reveal them!

Soundtrack & Narration - The awe-inspiring visuals in this film are complemented by a soundtrack, which includes the talents of iconic Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot.  Mysteries of the Great Lakes is narrated by Canadian actor, Gordon Pinsent.

A Science North Production.
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(Grades 6 to adult and families)

Throughout Earth’s violent history, impacts from comets and asteroids have mercilessly shaped its surface. The ancient barrage continues today; from harmless meteors – those brilliant streaks in the night sky, to mountain sized boulders wandering perilously close to Earth. Terrifying and majestic, these invaders from space are capable of utter destruction yet they have delivered life-giving water and most of the organic materials necessary for life. Life on Earth owes its very existence to these denizens of the solar system, yet it could all be wiped out in an instant. This ceaseless FIREFALL is our only tangible connection to the universe beyond and is an ever-present reminder of our own humble beginnings in the hostile environment of space.
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Let It Snow

(All Ages)

Let It Snow celebrates the holiday season with music and images on the giant screen for the whole family. Along with a tour of holiday skies, you'll have a new fun and entertaining experience for audiences of all ages. You'll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the holidays. Presented in stunning high-definition Digital-360 video and explosive surround sound, you'll love the season like never before!

Produced by Clark Planetarium Productions.
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Season of Light

(All Ages)


Season of Light celebrates many of the world's holiday customs and explores how diverse cultures light up the season.  The show recounts the historical religious and cultural rituals practiced during the time of the winter solstice - not only Christian and Jewish, but also Celtic, Nordic, Irish, Mexican, and Hopi.  It also takes a look at some of our more light-hearted seasonal traditions from gift-giving and kissing under the mistletoe, to songs about lords a-leap-ing and ladies dancing, and the custom of decking the halls with greenery and candles. St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, and Santa Claus all drop by as well.


Narrated by Noah Adams, National Public Radio's National Desk Senior Correspondent.


Produced by Lochness Productions.


Topics: Seasons, Planetary Motion, Cultural Astronomy.

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 Mystery of the Christmas Star

(Grade 4 to adult and families)

Journey back over 2000 years to Bethlehem as we seek to discover a scientific explanation for the star the wise men followed to find the baby Jesus. This modern retelling of the Christmas story is sure to charm and captivate audiences of all ages.

Winner of five Telly Awards.

Produced by Evans & Sutherland Digital Theater Productions.
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Looking for a unique way to send chills up your spine?  Do you have the courage to sit through the most terrifying laser experience ever? Or perhaps you will keep your eyes closed and only sneak a peek at fun renditions like Purple People Eater or The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Laser Fright Light is a ghoulish way to celebrate the Halloween season..if you dare!
Fright Light is a classic, old-fashioned laser show. Note: loud music and flickering lights/images.
Looking for a unique way to send chills up your spine?  Do you have the courage to sit through the most terrifying laser experience ever? Or perhaps you will keep your eyes closed and only sneak a peek at fun renditions like Purple People Eater or The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Laser Fright Light is a ghoulish way to celebrate the Halloween season..if you dare!
Fright Light is a classic, old-fashioned laser show. Note: loud music and flickering lights/images.



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