Weddings Under the Stars

We want to help you make your dream wedding come true and our unique theater will provide a stellar start to your lives together! Your wedding ceremony can be performed in our darkened theater so you will actually get married "under the stars." Please be aware however, that the theater will be dark during your ceremony and most photography will not be possible.

See wedding guidelines for further information.

Basic Wedding Package

  • Several meetings with Planetarium staff member(s) in the Digital Theater.
  • One hour late afternoon rehearsal with entire wedding party and person performing the ceremony one or two days prior to wedding date...must be scheduled a minimum of one month prior to wedding.
  • Maximum two hour time block on your wedding date.
  • If available, use of private room and bathroom for bride and female attendants to dress for a three hour time block. Full length mirror will be provided.
  • Recorded music of your choice. You will provide us your recorded music (on CDs) and text of your ceremony no later than one month prior to wedding date.
  • Use of the Planetarium theater sound system including microphone for person performing the ceremony.
  • Projection of night sky with stars. Stock Planetarium special effects may be added for your ceremony (i.e. simulated fireworks on the screen when the bride and groom kiss, occasional shooting stars, various colored lighting during procession and recession, etc.). These will be demonstrated for you in the theater during one of your meetings with the Planetarium staff.
  • Times must be scheduled based on theater availability. Other times may be requested and scheduled if available, but at an additional charge.

Call 989-667-2260 for more information.

Customize Your Wedding Package Options

We are open to considering special requests. The following are a few examples of options that may be added to the Basic Wedding Package for an additional charge. Charges will vary depending on the request. Please request a quote for any of the following options. 

  • Series of questions about you as a couple prior to the ceremony using the theater interactive system.
  • Other special effects during the wedding that we might have available that are not part of our stock effects noted in the Basic Wedding Package above.
  • Additional time for event or scheduling of wedding on a date or at a time the facility is not normally open.
  • A live tour of the night sky during your wedding by a staff astronomer.


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