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Police Academy and In-Service Training

February Training


Combat Ethics

This program will call for personnel at every level to think more critically about the ethical choices they make and why they make them.

Attendees will learn:

How to better address the ethical making process.

How to promote a culture of integrity in your agency and team.

Real world examples and candid discussions about tough situations.

Practical tools to help defend your honor, character and integrity and build public trust.

This program is designed for command officers, supervisors, FTO's and officers at all levels of the agencies and organizations.  It will candidly address the destructive consequences of ethical compromise and will offer practical tools to address tough ethical decision-making.  Through candid discussions, relevant case study and informative group exercises, this course gets to the heart of ethical decision making.

The course is taught by Chief (ret) Jon Zeliff, a 27-year law enforcement professional and a certified instructor.  Chief Zeliff has a no-nonsense approach and keeps his classes lively, open and engaging.  You are sure to take away many practical tools and a new perspective on ethical decision-making and organizational culture.

Course Date:    February 16, 2015

Course Time:    08:30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Location:    Delta College, 1961 Delta Road, University Center MI  48710

                                   Room TBA

Course Instructor:    Chief Jon Zeliff

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium Members:                   $160.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:    $125.00 per person

MCOLES 302 Approved

To Register:    Call Diana at (810)-320-9517 or Email at

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Footwear Evidence

This course is designed to assist an Investigator or Evidence Technician in the awareness, detection, documentation, and collection of footwear evidence.  This course is a practical workshop for hands on collection and preservation of footwear impressions in various soil types, dust impressions, unusual surfaces, etc.

Course Date:    February 24, 2015

Course Time:    8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Instructor:    Keith LaMont, Michigan State Police Lab Technician, Forensic Scientist, Trace Evidence Analyst

Course Location:    Delta College, Room TBD

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:    $105.00 per person [after 02/01/2015]

                          Non-Consortium Early Registration:    $95.00 per person [before 02/01/2015]

                          Delta College Consortium Member:    $0.00 per person

Required Equipment:    Camera and tripod.

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    February 17, 2015

Registration Form (PDF)


PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor

The PPCT Defensive Tactics System is the first subject control system developed through tactical, legal medical research.  Tactically, the system addresses the most common type of resistance that officers may encounter, allowing the instructor to maximize training on related techniques.  Legally, the PPCT System teaches a simple use of force continuum that clarifies the appropriate force level for every level of resistance.  Medical research was conducted on every PPCT technique to refine technique efficiency and to ensure the medical implications were proportional to the level of resistance.

Course Dates:    February 2 - 6, 2015

Course Time:    8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Instructor:    Kevin Rize

Course Location:    Delta College, Room TBA

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:                                    $500.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Member:       $325.00 per person     

Required Equipment:    Loose athletic wear, duty belt (no firearms), handcuffs

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    January 22, 2015

Registration Form (PDF)


Promotional Interview Process

Curriculum consists of 8 hours of instruction and attendees will be subjected to an interview panel.  Students should bring a Resume that includes their Education, Experience and Training for the position they want to obtain.  This course is a MUST for anyone who is actively preparing for an Oral Interview Process, seeking a transfer to a bureau, or promotion to the rank of Corporal, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain.  Upon the completion of this course, attendees will be more proficient and confident in their Interview Skills and Techniques for the next Promotional Interview Process.

Course Dates:    February 27, 2015

Course Time:    8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Course Instructor:    Daniel T. McCaw

Course Location:    Delta College,  Room TBA

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:                $105.00 per person

                         Delta College Consortium Members:    $50.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    February 19, 2015

Registration Form (PDF)


UD-10 Refresher for all Officers

The purpose of this course is to update road patrol officers and field supervisors on the proper completion of the UD-10 to increase accuracy of data submitted.  Through the course, identification of the most complicated and error-prone areas on submitted forms will be covered.  There is also a "High-Level" look at the changes coming to the UD-10 in January 2016.  This course is MCOLES certified.

Course Dates:    February 18, 2015

Course Time:    9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Course Instructor:    MSP Trooper Scott Carlson, UD-10 Trainer

Course Location:    Delta College, Room N007

Course Fee:    $0.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    February 11, 2015

Registration Form  (PDF)







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