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Possible Dream Program

Broadening Horizons

"I have been in the Possible Dream program for a couple years. I have truly enjoyed myself, meeting new people and having new experiences. Being in the program has made me see how much potential I actually have. I feel like I could actually be able to go to college after high school. And I am going to work as hard as I can to get good grades. I know I can."

Marcial G.
Swan Valley Middle School

Possible Dream Program

The Delta College Possible Dream Program is committed to giving its students opportunities they might never have considered possible for themselves. We are dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves a fair chance at success; we work hard to make this success a viable reality. We help keep the dream of attending college in the forefront of our students’ minds through participation in enrichment and educational activities.

The Possible Dream Program has made a significant impact on hundreds of children by giving them a reason to believe in their dreams. Delta College has confirmed that 70% of our graduating Possible Dream students have gone on to attend college. Here’s a bit more of which we’re proud:

  • Our first class of Possible Dream students graduated from high school in 1998
  • Over 2,000 students have been a part of the six year program since its inception
  • 65% of Possible Dream graduates have attended Delta College
  • Many students have transferred onto universities to continue their education
  • Some have earned occupational degrees and entered the workforce
  • Others have served our country as proud members of the military


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