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Delta College Board of Trustees

Nine (9) trustees shall be elected, three (3) from each county in the district (Bay, Midland, and Saginaw), elected at-large from the college district on a nonpartisan basis.  Each member shall be elected for a period of six (6) years. The term of office commences on January 1 of the year following the election of the trustee. 


Bay County

Mary Lou Benecke
Bay County
Elected November 2016
(1st term)

Diane M. Middleton
Bay County
Elected November 2014
(1st term)
1988 graduate of Delta College

Michael D. Rowley
Bay County
Board Chair
Appointed November 2012
Elected November 2012
(1st term)
1990 graduate of Delta College

 Midland County




Andre Buckley
Midland County
Elected November 2016
(1st term)

Mary C. Morrissey
Midland County
Elected November 2014 (1st term)
1973 graduate of Delta College

Michael P. Nash
Midland County
Board Vice Chair
Appointed September 2013
Elected November 2014 (1st term)
2014 graduate of Delta College 

Saginaw County

 Photo of Dr. Robert Emrich


 Photo of R. Earl Selby.

The Rev. Dr. Robert L. Emrich
Saginaw County
Elected November 1992 (1st term)
Elected November 1998 (2nd term)
Elected November 2004 (3rd term)
Elected November 2010 (4th term)
Elected November 2016 (5th term)


Karen L. Lawrence-Webster
Saginaw County
Appointed August 2001
Elected November 2002 (1st term)
Elected November 2008 (2nd term)
Elected November 2014 (3rd term)

R. Earl Selby
Saginaw County
Appointed February 1992
Elected November 1994 (1st term)
Elected November 2000 (2nd term)
Elected November 2006 (3rd term)
Elected November 2012 (4th term)

Delta College President & Board Officers

President Jean Goodnow

Photo of Debra K. Lutz, Board Treasurer

Dr. Jean Goodnow
Delta College President
2005 - Present


Debra K. Lutz
Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Vice President of Business & Finance
1979 graduate of Delta College

Andrea Ursuy
Secretary, Board of Trustees

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