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Agendas and Minutes 2007

Dinner Meetings

Regular and Special Meetings

December 11 Dinner Meeting Agenda
December 11 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Alumni Program

December 11 Regular Meeting Agenda
December 11 Regular Meeting Minutes

November 13 Dinner Meeting Agenda
November 13 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Student Presentations

November 13 Budget Hearing Agenda
November 13 Budget Hearing Minutes

November 13 Regular Meeting Agenda
November 13 Regular Meeting Minutes

October 9 Dinner Meeting Agenda
October 9 Dinner Meeting Minutes

   Campus Master Plan
Professional Involvement Portfolio

October 9 Regular Meeting Agenda
October 9 Regular Meeting Minutes

September 11 Dinner Meeting Agenda
September 11 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Student Leadership Program
Developmental Education

September 11 Regular Meeting Agenda
September 11 Regular Meeting Minutes

 August 14 Dinner Meeting Agenda
August 14 Dinner Meeting Minutes 
SES Reorganization 

August 14 Regular Meeting Agenda
August 14 Regular Meeting Minutes

July 10 Dinner Meeting Agenda
July 10 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Workforce Development

July 10 Regular Meeting Agenda
July 10 Regular Meeting Minutes

June 12 Dinner Meeting Agenda
June 12 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Foundation Update 2007-08
Preliminary Budget Presentation

June 12 Regular Meeting Agenda
June 12 Regular Meeting Minutes

June 12 Budget Hearing Agenda
June 12 Budget Hearing Minutes

June 8 Board Retreat Agenda

June 8 Board Retreat Minutes

May 8 Dinner Meeting Agenda
May 8 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Tuition and Fees Recommendation

May 8 Regular Meeting Agenda
May 8 Regular Meeting Minutes

April 10 Dinner Meeting Agenda
April 10 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Delta's Award-Winning Local Programming
Online Orientation

April 10 Regular Meeting Agenda
April 10 Regular Meeting Minutes

March 13 Dinner Meeting Agenda
March 13 Dinner Meeting Minutes

AQIP Update
Grant Update

March 13 Regular Meeting Agenda
March 13 Regular Meeting Minutes

February 6 Dinner Meeting Agenda
February 6 Dinner Meeting Minutes

FEC Meets with Board
Planetarium Tenth Anniversary

February 6 Regular Meeting Agenda
February 6 Regular Meeting Minutes

January 9 Dinner Meeting Agenda
January 9 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Tobacco Free Campus

January 9 Regular Meeting Agenda
January 9 Regular Meeting Minutes

January 11 Special Meeting Agenda
January 11 Special Meeting Minutes

January 22 - VP of Student Services
January 29 - VP of Student Services

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