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October 18, 2007

Delta College student Chris Clark, a Pinconning resident who majors in Electronic Media Graphic Design, was recently awarded a $100 prize for a creative logo design. The contest was sponsored by Delta Prism Alliance, a newly formed group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) faculty and staff at the College, along with their straight allies.

Delta Prism Alliance joins a number of other groups across the country that focus attention on the issues faced by LGBT faculty, staff and students, and Clark’s new logo will be used to promote the group on campus. Chris Clark is a student of Alethea Maguire-Cruz, a Delta College Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts.
The Delta Prism Alliance has been created to establish a safe climate at the College for LGBT students, faculty and staff. Members will work to increase tolerance and to end discrimination. One of Delta College’s value statements is to actively promote, advocate, respect and value differences to foster a welcoming environment of openness and appreciation for all.

For more information, contact Charissa Urbano at 989-686-9409, Jack Wood at 989-686-9822 or Frances Boensch at 989-686-9122.

Collegiate Article

Collegiate page designer Clark wins award
By Sean Locey - Staff Writer

Delta Collegiate page designer Chris J. Clark recently won a logo contest for the Delta Prism Alliance.

The group includes over 30 faculty, staff, and administrators. The word "alliance" is used because the group is composed of different Delta College community members, both gay and straight, who are allies for embracing diversity and inclusion.

The mission of the group is to establish a safe climate at Delta for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, staff, and faculty.

"Chris Clark's logo shows the visible colors of the rainbow that emerge when visible light is refracted through a prism," said professor of Biology, Charise Urbano. "The judges felt that this symbolized the wide range of variation that can be hidden unless it is exposed to the right kind of conditions that will allow it to emerge."

The Delta Prism Alliance is another component of Delta's mission, vision and values to actively promote, advocate, respect and value differences. Urbano also mentioned that a goal of this organization is to foster a welcoming environment of openness and appreciation for all at Delta.

To learn more, visit the group on the web at:

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