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Public Safety

Hostile Intruder

Emergency Contacts

  • On Campus                                                Call 9111
  •  Off Campus or Centers                             Call 989-686-9111 or 911
  • If Public Safety Cannot be contacted         Call 911

When a hostile intruder is actively causing death or serious bodily injury or the threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury to persons, you have the option to run, hide, or fight. You must decide the best course of action based upon the information you have available at the time.

While the guide refers primarily to academic areas, these procedures are also relevant to all areas of the College and the College property.


This includes hiding by locking yourself and others in a secure area (lockdown) or hiding yourself in an unsecured area.

The option to hide is usually best when you know there is a threat, but you don't have specific information about what the threat is or where it is located.

  1. Faculty should immediately lock students and themselves in the classroom. If possible cover any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into the hallway.  Lock the windows, close any blinds or curtains and stay away from the windows.
  2. If possible, block the entrance door with file cabinets, desks, and/or chairs.  Make entry into the room as difficult as possible.
  3. Turn off lights and audio equipment..
  4. Try to remain as calm and quiet as possible.
  5. Select an escape route to use if the intruder enters the classroom.  Try to avoid rooms without an escape route.
  6. Keep everyone together, if possible.
  7. Keep classrooms secure until someone from the Department of Public Safety or a uniformed police officer arrives and enters the room to rescue you.  DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FOR ANYONE.  The responding officers will have keys or will force entry into the room.
  8. If you are not in a classroom, try to get to a classroom or an office and close and lock the door.
  9. If you cannot get to a classroom or office you  may decide to hide in an unsecured area.  Only hide if you can find a space where you are confident you will not be located.
  10. Some victims have successfully played dead when unable to escape from an intruder, especially when grouped with actual victims.  This is very dangerous and difficult, but it may be your only option in some circumstances.


Running may be your best option if you know what and where the threat is and you have an available escape route.  Running may also be an option if you cannot find a suitable hiding place or if there is not time to hide.

  1. If the threat is inside of the building and you think you can safely make it out of the building, do so by running as fast as you can.
  2. If the intruder can see you, run in an erratic pattern, trying to keep solid objects between yourself and the intruder.
  3. Run as far away from campus as you can.
  4. Run to a secure area or a good hiding spot.  Do not congregate in the parking lot.  Call for help as soon as you can.


Fighting a hostile intruder should always be your last option.  It is VERY difficult to successfully fight an armed intruder.  Fighting as an option should be reserved for those situations where you have no other choice, running and hiding are not options, and you believe you will be killed if you do nothing.

  1. During a lockdown, prepare to fight if necessary.  Look for items that can be used as weapons if necessary (scissors, pens, pencils, books, etc.).
  2. You must be committed to fighting as hard as you can; target vulnerable areas on the intruder including eyes, ears, mouth, throat, genitals, fingers, hands, and any other area you can injure.
  3. Continue to fight until the intruder stops all hostile behavior or until you can quickly escape.
  4. If possible, try to coordinate an attack with other victims.  Overwhelm the intruder.
  5. If the intruder is disarmed, try to secure the weapon.  It is very dangerous for you to possess a weapon when responding officers arrive.  They may mistake you for the intruder.
  6. If you have sufficient help, have others hold the intruder down while you secure the weapon in a trash can, desk drawer, or other similar receptacle.

                                                                               SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES

                                                                                    Contact with Police

  1. Keep your hands as far away from your body as you can.  Keep your fingers spread.  Make it as obvious as you can that you do not have a weapon and you are not a threat.
  2. Listen to the officers and do what they say.
  3. Give the officers any information you have about the intruder including; description, location, direction of travel, weapons, etc.
  4. Do not grab onto, follow, or interfere with the officers.  Their first job is to stop the intruder.  Other emergency response personnel will respond to assist as soon as possible

                                                                               HOSTAGE SITUATIONS

  1. Hostage situations are very different than Active Shooter situations and require an entirely different response.
  2. If an intruder is not actively causing death or seriously bodily injury, but is limiting people's movement and  making demands, either while armed or unarmed, the incident is a hostage situation.
  3. Evacuate all people in the vicinity of the hostage situation.  Attempt to limit the hostage taker to a single room or small area, if possible.
  4. Expect Officers to respond and attempt to negotiate with the hostage taker.
  5. Most hostage situations are resolved peaceably, but be prepared to escape or fight if you have not other option.
  6. The best course of action is typically to comply with the hostage taker.  You should only attempt to escape or fight if you truly believe that you are in eminent danger or death if you do not.

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