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Residency Procedures and Guidelines

Educational costs at Delta College are shared by students, the taxpayers in the Delta College District, and the State of Michigan. Property taxes paid by residents of the Delta College District supplement student tuition and state aid for in-district status students; therefore, the tuition charged legal residents of the Delta College district is the lowest and students who are classified as out-of-state residents are charged the highest tuition. A student’s residency classification is established when admitted to Delta College and may only be changed as detailed under No. 4 below.

  1. Residency Classifications: A person will pay course tuition according to one of the following classifications of legal residence:
    • In-District Status: Legal resident* of Bay, Midland, or Saginaw counties. (This is the Delta College District)
    • Out-of-District Status: Legal resident* of Michigan but not of the above three counties.
    • Out-of-State Status: International students (including Au Pair(s)) and all others not classified within a or b above

      **A legal resident is one whose permanent, primary residence is where he or she intends to return whenever absent from college. A dormitory or apartment rented only for the period of time during college enrollment is not a permanent primary residence.
  2. In-District Criteria: For tuition purposes, an in-district student is an American citizen or permanent resident who can provide legal proof of residence within Bay, Midland, or Saginaw counties for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of the semester in which the person plans to enroll. There are no exceptions to the American citizenship or permanent immigrant status requirement. Exceptions to the three consecutive months are:

    • The legal residence of a student under age 18 is that of the parent or legal guardian regardless of where the student may have been living for the previous three months.
    • The student marries an individual who qualifies as an In-District resident of the Delta College District.
    • The person is an employee of a business or industrial firm within the Delta College District, AND the employer, by written agreement, agrees to pay directly to the College all tuition and/or fees of the sponsored student for employer-approved classes.
    • If the employer is not directly paying the College for the student’s tuition/fees bill, the student will be assessed the appropriate out-of district or out-of-state tuition rate.
    • Veterans, whose induction address was within the Delta College District, who enroll at Delta within three months of discharge will be considered to have an In-district Status.
    • In-District students whose families/spouses move out of the Delta College District during the time they are enrolled may retain their residency status as long as they are continuously enrolled at Delta College (defined as a minimum of one semester in each academic year).
    • A permanent alien who has filed the Declaration of Intention and has been approved to become a U.S. citizen (green card received), and who can provide proof of Delta College District residency for the previous three consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of the semester in which the individual plans to enroll, may petition for In-District status.
  3. Proof of In-District Residence: All students are subject to a check of their residency status at admission and registration. Students furnishing false information will be subject to disciplinary action. The following examples are types of documents which are considered in determining proof of in-district legal residency (dated 3 months prior to 1st  day of the semester): All documentation must show valid in-district address.

    • A current/valid Michigan driver’s license, Michigan Secretary of State I.D. card, or valid Michigan motor vehicle registration in the student’s name indicating a permanent address within Bay, Midland, or Saginaw counties.
    • A property tax receipt from Bay, Midland, or Saginaw counties.
    • A current voter registration card indicating an in-district address.
    • Other legal documents such as court-issued guardianship papers.
    • Auto, Home, or Renter insurance Statement/Policy (dated)
    • Dated correspondence from a government agency.
    • Lease Agreement/Rent Receipt(s) that contains address being leased/rented, dates of payment, and signature/address/phone number of the landlord.  (With proof of driver license update)
    • Michigan Tax Return
    • State issued professional license/credential that includes date and address
    • Proof of purchase of property in the district.
    • Tribal ID card with address
    • Utility receipts (only water/sewer/gas/electrical). (With proof of driver license update)
    • Verification of military service
    • Military discharge papers showing address to an in-district county.
    • Dated Veteran’s card with address.
  4. Change of Residency Status: While attending Delta College, students may petition the Registrar to change their residency classification. Petition forms are available online or in the Registrar’s Office and must be submitted, with proof of in-district residence (see No. 3 above), at least one week prior to the student’s registration date. Students must meet the criteria stated in No. 2. Any adjustments made in tuition due to a change in residency status shall not be retroactive nor changed within a semester.

Note: Guest students from other colleges should not expect to have their residency status changed while attending Delta College unless they meet the requirements for In-District status outlined above. International students on a visa should not expect to have their residency status changed while attending Delta College, as the definition of legal resident has not been met. If you have questions regarding residency, please contact the Registrar's Office at (989) 686-9305.


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