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Chemistry Department

Who needs chemistry?


If you are interested in the environment, industry, healthcare, or a specific field such as mortuary science, physical therapy, occupational therapy, lab technologist, engineering, nursing, medicine, forensic science, or teaching, chemistry provides foundational skills and knowledge to help you succeed. When you need a specific course or just want to know more about how your world works, the Delta College Chemistry Department offers a range of courses to get you started regardless of what you aspire to be.

About the Chemistry Discipline

The chemistry discipline includes 7 full-time faculty teaching courses in general, inorganic, organic, technical, polymer, and analytical chemistry.

By studying chemistry, students learn how the world around them works:  from why steel rusts; to why oil and water don't mix; to topics on energy, the economy, and the environment.

Chemistry courses at Delta are typically taught with interactive lecture/activity sessions and hands-on lab sessions, and range from introductory courses that require no prior knowledge of the field to course sequences that satisfy the first two years of four-year degrees in science, engineering, medicine and more.

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