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Microbiology Sub-Discipline

Microbiology currently services students preparing for the Nursing, Nursing Transition Track, Dental Hygiene, and Surgical Technology programs at Delta College.



It is a suggested or recommended elective for the Environmental Technology, Respiratory Therapy, and other healthcare programs at Delta. Microbiology currently services students preparing to transfer to university for a career in the fields of microbiology, medical school, dental school, veterinarian school, physician assistant (PA), pharmacy, dietetics, and other related programs.


Microbiology also benefits dual-enrolled students preparing for a career in the fields of healthcare and environmental science.


For more information, download the Microbiology Program in the 21st Century


BIO203W (General Microbiology) Course Information

Prerequisites: READING LEVEL 2 AND WRITING LEVEL 2 AND MATH LEVEL 2; and BIO 111 or BIO 130 with a "B" (3.0) minimum grade; or BIO 140 or BIO 152 or BIO 171, or BIO 241 each with a "C" (2.0) minimum grade.

Credits: 4
Lecture Hrs-Lab Hrs: 45-45

Surveys the microbes associated with infectious diseases, including the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa's. Emphasizes the health care aspects and the distribution and activities of microbes as related to the following: microbial nutrition and anatomy, growth, disease, epidemiology, infection and immunity. Uses labs that stress aseptic techniques and that develop skills necessary to handle microbes in health care settings, including the characterization of unknown microbes.

BIO 203 Outcomes & Objectives 


The LAB MANUAL is mandatory, was written by the microbiology faculty and is only sold in the Delta College Bookstore.

Exposure Control Manual for Category A Students(PDF)

Microbiology Lab - Media - Tests - Pictures (PDF)

CNET-Online (Blended) Microbiology Class Information

Download Frequently Asked Questions - Online Microbiology

Instructor-Selected Lab Days will be held in room C-119.


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