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Science Division

Math and Science Manufacturing Experience (MSME) Program


Applications for 2015 are now closed.  Check back at a later date for the 2016 information.  You don't want to miss out on this unique education and experience! 

This Program is designed to bring Modern Manufacturing Businesses and Middle School and High School Educators together in a new and exciting internship program.

For Businesses

Your involvement with this program will affect our next generation of employees. You have an opportunity to impact tomorrow's employees today!

For Teachers

You are provided an opportunity to gain new knowledge and insights to bring into your classroom.

When: May 12, 2015 through December 2015

Program History

Faculty from the Science Division of Delta College identified the need to have teachers gain more insights into the modern manufacturing environment in light of so many changes being made in this industry during the past 10 - 20 years. As a result of this identified need, a proposal was written and accepted by The Dow Chemical Company and The Delta College Foundation Office. In the first year of implementation, Delta College faculty members, Brian Aldrich and Ronald Schlaack, teamed up with a Great Lakes Bay Region middle school teacher, Heather Brey, from E F Rittmueller Middle School to develop the summer 2014 program and as a result, ten teachers participated in the 2014 program.  For 2015, the goal is to have up to 20 Great Lakes Bay Region middle school and high school science and math teachers participate in this program which will bring new knowledge and insights into the classroom beginning in the fall of 2015.

Program Description

A modern manufacturing work experience designed and administered in partnership with Delta College and local businesses for Great Lakes Bay Region middle school and high school science and math teachers.

The teacher will be scheduled to participate in a two-week internship program at an assigned local business followed by attendance at a two-credit course at Delta College with other middle school and high school teachers. The tentative plan for the program is as follows:




1) Program Orientation & Delta College Course EDU 214 - MSME

Introduction to overall program and preparation for internship – One two-hour evening session in May 2015

Delta College Main Campus

2) Two Week (64 hour) Internship

Scheduled by the business between June 22, 2015 & August 7, 2015

Identified Business Location

3) Delta College Course EDU 214

Date and time to be determined – 4 hour online discussion


4) Dow Chemical Tour

Date will be scheduled for one day during summer 2015

Midland Facility

5) Delta College Course EDU 214

Friday, August 7, 2015, and Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 8 am-5 pm (8 hours each day on campus)

Delta College Main Campus and online

6) A Program Leader co-teaches one lesson plan with each teacher

Fall 2015 (Day & times to be scheduled individually with teacher)

Teacher’s Classroom

7) Wrap up to EDU 214

Date and time to be determined – 4 hours on campus)

Delta College Main Campus

8) Recognition Ceremony

January 7, 2016

Delta College    

Business Purpose

You will provide local middle school and high school teachers the opportunity to learn what you do, on-site, in your own facility by providing a two week internship (64 hours).  This provides you an excellent opportunity to help impact classroom instruction for the middle schools and high schools by allowing teachers to be a part of your work environment which will help them develop engaging curriculum, bring learning to life, and encourage students to consider a career in manufacturing. (Business Brochure.pdf)

Educator's Purpose

To experience the world of modern manufacturing.  You will go on-site to learn what the business does and how they do it. The goal is for you to share your personal observations with your students, develop a new and engaging modern manufacturing curriculum unit and encourage students to consider careers in manufacturing. (Educator's Brochure.pdf)

Application Process

The Application Deadline for teachers has been extended.  Please apply now! 

Cost to the Teacher

There is no cost for the teacher except for travel and food. 

Benefit to the Teacher

  • A grant in the amount of $800 following completion of a two-week internship program.
  • Two credits after successful completion of a college-level course, EDU 214, Modern Manufacturing Processes.
  • Several lessons or projects to meet the State of Michigan science curriculum objectives. 
  • One day of teaching in your classroom with a Delta College faculty member during the Fall 2015 semester.


Funding for this program is made possible through the generosity of The Dow Chemical Company, The Delta College Foundation and other local businesses.

Program Leaders

Brian Aldrich
Delta Faculty, Science Division

Ronald Schlaack
Delta Faculty, Science Division

Heather Brey
Faculty, E F Rittmueller Middle School


You may direct any questions related to this Program to or by calling 989-686-9245. 

Participating Businesses


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