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Science Division

Physics Department


Why can’t I see the light from a laser pointer through the air?

Why do ice skaters spin faster when they pull their arms inward?

Taking physics will provide the answers to these questions and more through discussion, demonstration, and hands-on discovery. Delta College offers many different levels of physics for those curious about the nature of the Universe!

About the Delta College Physics Discipline

The Physics discipline has six full time faculty. We offer introductory physics classes at three different levels, from PHY 101 that is algebra based, our PHY 111/112 sequence which is trigonometry based to the PHY 211/212 sequence that is calculus based. In addition, we teach classes in Astronomy and Physical Science to students who are looking for a general science class. Our faculty travel the country giving talks at state and national conferences and leading national workshops for training new instructors. Delta's Physics program is used as a model for other two-year colleges looking to implement a dynamic hands-on approach that has proven to be effective in preparing students for future courses and their career.

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