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Science Division

Don Fontaine, Adjunct Instructor

Contact Information

Don Fontaine
Phone:  989-686-9515
Office:  J105/Mailbox #117

Courses Taught

  • CHM 111, General and Inorganic Chemistry I
  • PHY 111, General Physics I

Areas(s) of Interest

  • Toxicology 
  • Environmental Research 

Educational Background

  • PhD, Michigan State University
  • BS, University of Michigan


  • McCready, D., Pitt, J., Fontaine, D.D., and Busby M.J., Potential Sequential Exposures to 2-Butoxyethanol after Use of a Hard Surface Cleaner. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 19: 189–214 (2013).
  • Price, P., Rey, T., Fontaine, D., Arnold, S.,  A reanalysis of the evidence for increased efficiency in metabolism of benzene at exposures to airborne levels below 3 ppm. Carcinogenesis 33(11):2094-9 (2012).
  • McFadden L.G., Bartels, M. J., Rick, D. L., Price, P. S., Fontaine, D. D., and Saghir, S. A.  Statistical Methodology to Determine Kinetically Derived Maximum Tolerated Dose in Repeat Dose Toxicity Studies, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 63 344–351 (2012).
  • McCready, D., Arnold, S.M., and Fontaine, D.D.,  Evaluation of Potential Exposure to Formaldehyde Air Emissions from a Washing Machine Using the IAQX Model.  Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 18: 832–854, (2012).
  • Arnold, S. M., Fontaine, D. D., Hwang, H., Krygsman, A., Miller, P. R., Woods, W. B.  and Shah, H. C.  (2011).  The Use of Henry’s Law to Estimate Formaldehyde Inhalation Exposure Concentrations.  Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 17 (3), 745-751 (2011).
  • McCready, D., and Fontaine, D.D.,   Refining ConsExpo Evaporation and Human Exposure Calculations for REACH. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 16 783-800 (2010).
  • Pottenger, L. H., Schisler, M. R., Zhang, F., Bartels, M. J., Fontaine, D. D., McFadden, L. G. and Gollapudi, B. B.  Dose-Response and Operational Thresholds/NOAELs for in vitro Mutagenic Effects from DNA-Reactive Mutagens, MMS and MNU.  Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis 678(2):138-47 (2009).   
  • Budinsky, R. A., Paustenbach, D., Fontaine, D., Landenberger, B. and Starr, T. B.    Recommended Relative Potency Factors for 2,3,4,7,8-Pentachlorodibenzofuran: The Impact of Different Dose Metrics.  Tox. Sci. 91(1), 275–285 (2006).
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  • Racke, K.D., Lubinski, R.N., Fontaine, D.D., Miller, J.R., McCall, P.J., and Oliver, G.R.  Comparative Fate of Chlorpyrifos Insecticides in Urban and Agricultural Environments.  American Chemical Society Symposium Series 522 (1996).
  • Racke, K.D., Fontaine, D.D., Yoder, R.N., and Miller, J.R.  Chlorpyrifos Degradation in Soil at Termiticidal Application Rates. Pestic. Sci. 42 43-51 (1994).
  • Lehmann, R.G., Fontaine, D.D., and Olberding, E.L.  Soil Degradation of Flumetsulam at Different Temperatures in the Laboratory and Field.  Weed Research 33 187-195 (1993).
  • Fontaine, D.D., Havens, P.L., Blau, G.E., and Tillotson, P.M.  The Role of Sensitivity Analysis in Groundwater Risk Modeling for Pesticides.  Weed Research 6 716-724 (1992).
  • Lehmann, R.G., Miller, J.R., Fontaine, D.D., Laskowski, D.A., Hunter, J.H., and Cordes, R.C.  Degradation of a Sulfonamide Herbicide as a Function of Soil Sorption.  Weed Research 32 197-205-(1992).
  • Fontaine, D.D., Lehmann, R.G., and Miller, J.R.  Soil Absorption of Neutral and Anionic Forms of a Sulfonamide Herbicide, Flumetsulam. J. Env. Quality 20 759-62 (1991).
  • Havens, P.L. and Fontaine, D.D.  An Introduction to Sensitivity Analysis.  Aspects of Applied Biology 26 135-150 (1991).
  • Thompson, D.G., Staznik, B., Fontaine, D.D., MacKay, T., Oliver, G.R., and Troth, J.  Fate of Triclopyr Ester (RELEASE*) in a Boreal Forest Stream. Environ. Tox. and Chem.  10 619-632 (1991).
  • Laskowski, D.A., Tillotson, P.M., Fontaine, D.D., and Martin, E.J.  Probability Modeling. Phil. Trans. R.Soc. Lond B 329 282-289 (1990).
  • Woodburn, K.B., Fontaine, D.D., Bjerke, E.L., and Kallos, G.J.  The Photolysis of Picloram in Dilute Aqueous Solution.  Environ. Tox. Chem 8 769-775 (1989).

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