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Science Division

Science Scholarships and Awards

Students in the Science Division can be selected for a Science Award or Life Science Award as they near graduation, or they may apply for several science-specific scholarships to financially aid them during their studies at Delta.

There are currently two Awards granted for Outstanding Graduates in the Sciences. To apply for these, or any other Graduate Awards, please go to the Awards Application Webpage:

Physical Science Award - This award is sponsored by the Dow Chemical Michigan Operations. Dow Chemical Company is a diversified chemical company that harnesses the power of innovation, science and technology to constantly improve what is essential to human progress. Programs considered for this award: Agriculture, Biotechnology-Pre, Chemical Process Tech., Chemical Tech., Chemistry Majors, Conservation, Environmental Tech, Forestry, Geography, Geology, Natural Resources, Physics, Water Environmental Technology.

 2016 The Dow Chemical Company Michigan Operations Award Winner - Michael T. Fisher

Previous Award Winners

  • 2015 - Kelly L. Setula; 2014 - Darren J. Mott; 2013 - Ryan McInnis  


Life Sciences Award - The Julius & Irene Sutto Student Award for Life Sciences Endowment has been established by gifts from Mr. Sutto in memory of his wife, to honor a top student enrolled in the Life Sciences. Delta College’s Life Sciences includes: Biology Majors, Biotechnology-Pre, Dentistry-Pre, Dietetics-Pre, Medical Tech.-Pre, Medicine-Pre, Mortuary Science-Pre, Occupational Therapy-Pre, Optometry –Pre, Osteopathy-Pre, Pharmacy-Pre, Physical Therapy-Pre, Veterinary Medicine-Pre and related transfer medical fields.

 2016 Julius & Irene Sutto Award Winner - Perlena Ruby Herrera

Previous Award Winners

  • 2015 - Samuel J. Howell;   2014 - Michelle A. Rousseau; 2013 - Brooke Ryan   


There are currently four Scholarships that may only be applied for by Science/Life Science students. The intent of these scholarships is to financially aid a student in the sciences as they continue to pursue their chosen field of study:

Beki Gray Hadley Scholarship Endowment - In the relatively short period of time she worked at Delta College, Beki Gray Hadley had a impressive impact on the Delta College Science Division as well as the students that she taught. In the fall of 1986, as she was completing her Master's degree, Beki began teaching biology at Delta College, replacing an instructor who had become ill. As her career at the College began, specifically at the Ricker Center, Beki found that she had a natural love and ability for teaching. Many of the students Beki taught at the Ricker Center were being exposed to science concepts at the college level for the first time. Beki sincerely enjoyed working with these students. She had the ability to help her students grasp scientific theory and enabled them to enjoy a new learning experience. Following a fatal automobile accident on December 16, 1988, Beki's family donated her vital organs to the University of Michigan Organ Donor Program, and her heart and lungs were consequently transplanted in the first multiple transplant performed in Michigan. Following her death, the Delta College Science Division and Beki's family established the Beki Gray Hadley Scholarship fund. The Delta College Science Division is committed to the financial assistance of science students in need and to the continued growth of the Beki Gray Hadley Scholarship fund. For more details regarding this award, please visit the foundation website.

Wendell R. and Ethel G. Mullison Scholarship Endowment - In honor of their parents, the family of Wendell R. and Ethel G. Mullison has established a scholarship endowment at Delta College. Dr. Wendell Mullison graduated from the University of New Mexico and received his doctorate in plant physiology from the University of Chicago. Dr. Mullison was employed at Dow Chemical for 32 years. While at Dow, he worked as a specialist in agricultural chemicals. Following his retirement, he continued to serve Dow Chemical and other national organizations on a consulting basis. In 1938, an era when few women secured doctoral degrees, Ethel Mullison received her doctorate from the University of Chicago. She was employed by Dow Corning Corporation for ten years and served on the Midland Board of Education for four years. In addition to her keen interest in education, Dr. Mullison was an avid gardener and author of "Green Thumbprints," a gardening column which appeared in a number of newspapers. In an effort to assist students with need as well as an interest in pursuing a degree in the sciences, the family of Wendell R. and Ethel G. Mullison has established this endowment fund. For more details regarding this award, please visit the foundation website.

James E. and Leanne Lutz Erickson Scholarship Endowment - The Erickson's have a long record of volunteer service to the Midland community and in Minnesota. James facilitated a mental health support group for ten years, and both James and Leanne served on the Alzheimer's Disease Tri-City Support Group Board for ten years as well. James was selected as First Moderator of the Midland United Church of Christ, and also volunteered as a middle school mentor in the "HOSTS" program at Central Intermediate School. He is also a life member of the Chippewa Nature Center, and the 1988 recipient of the Glenn E. Baumann Memorial Award for Community Service, presented by the Mayor of Midland and the Midland City Council. A past member of Zonta International, Leanne served on the boards of the Chippewa Nature Center, the United Church of Christ Council and the Gramercy Park Cooperative. She served as a volunteer driver for home-delivered meals at MCCA and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, working in Americus, GA, Midland and Tucson, AZ. Preference will be given to students who are majoring in physical science (i.e. chemistry, biology or a related field). For more details regarding this award, please visit the foundation website.

Eldon Enger and Fred Ross Scholarship Endowment - Eldon Enger and Fred Ross received a lasting and valuable retirement gift from their friends and colleagues at Delta College - after the two retired from lengthy careers as biology professors, a scholarship endowment was established in their name. Professor Enger of Midland retired in 2000 after 36 years with Delta, and Professor Ross of Saginaw retired in 2001 after 33 years. During their careers, they were well known for their commitment to student learning, mentoring of colleagues, scholarly achievement and dedication to the mission of community colleges. Both received the prestigious Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence. Both are founding members of the Michigan Community College Biologists (MCCB) organization. Their endowment will be used to assist students who are studying traditional science, health-related or science-based technology curricula. For more details regarding this award, please visit the foundation website.

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