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Social Science

Social Science Division

The faculty of the Social Science division engage students in developing the knowledge and skills of our disciplines. We foster the critical thinking abilities of students by providing opportunities to ask questions, examine evidence, analyze assumptions and biases, and consider other perspectives and interpretations. We strive for students to apply this knowledge and these skills to their lives particularly when considering current and historical social concepts and issues.  Social Science faculty members are available to speak to the public in their areas of expertise.  You can find further details regarding our faculty, their areas of expertise, and their contact information in our Speakers Bureau.

Contact Information

Dr. Laura Dull, Division Chair
Office: G-107

Pre-requisite Waivers

If you are a guest student from another institution, you will need to have an official transcript sent to Delta College from your home school.  Until it arrives and is processed by Records and Registration you may find that you are not able to register online for classes due to not having met pre-requisites. 

You may provide an unofficial transcript for the Division Chair to review by stopping in to G-107, or if more convenient, by emailing the Division Chair at and attaching your unofficial transcript to the email.  Be sure to include your contact information, your Delta student ID number, the class you are enrolling in, the semester for which you will enroll, and the pre-requisite you want waived. 

When the Division Chair reviews your transcripts and determines you have successfully met the pre-requisite(s), the necessary form will be sent to Records and Registration and you will be notified. 

Email Etiquette:

In response to a request from the employers who serve on our advisory board, the Social Science Division faculty have approved the inclusion of an email etiquette policy on syllabi.  The policy wording may vary among individual faculty members, but the general statement will look like this:


Please practice professionalism in your email communication.  When sending an email, include a subject in the “subject” line, a greeting, an indication of the class you are in, and your name at the end of the message.  Use appropriate grammar (avoiding “text speak”) and spell-check your messages.  The ability to communicate effectively through writing is a skill that will serve you well in any profession.


Faculty will also likely include a statement regarding the response time you can expect from them during the semester, such as this:


You may expect responses to emails within x hours during the week (M-F), but weekend emails may not be returned until Monday.

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