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Social Science

Welcome to the Delta College Social Science Division!  Our Division houses seven academic disciplines (Child Development, Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, & Sociology) and three occupational areas (Child Development, Criminal Justice, & Social Work).  Come visit us in G109.  Not only do we have friendly faces, but usually we have chocolates!

 We are happy to answer any questions you have about our courses or our policies and procedures.  To answer your questions most efficiently, we have provided answers to common questions below, as well as a template for professional communication with the Division Chair and your professors.

 Professional communication guidelines:  

·         Email: 

o   Include a subject in the “subject” line that indicates the reason you’re contacting the Division Chair or professor.  If emailing your professor, include the course number and section number (ex. SOC 211W FA810).

o   Address the person you are emailing with a salutation that includes his or her professional title.  The safest bet is Professor TheirName.  Now that you’re in college, the people teaching you are professors rather than Mr. and Ms., as you may have been used to in high school. 

o   Be sure to use appropriate grammar and spelling to communicate that you should be taken seriously.  Most email systems include a spellcheck option in their composition windows.  The ability to communicate effectively through writing is a skill that will serve you well in any profession.

o   Sign your email with your name and, if you are comfortable, a closing such as “sincerely.”  If you are not comfortable with a formal closing, just your name will close the email.

o   Your email might look like the following:


Subject: SOC 211W FA 810 Assignment for 9/10

Professor TheirName:

I am confused by the directions on the syllabus for the assignment due 9/10.  I think I am supposed to read the chapter, answer the study guide questions, and be prepared for the quiz, but I’m not sure if you will be collecting the study guide questions and, if so, if they need to be typed. Thank you for your help.

Sarah Jones

 Common Questions:

Question: I need a pre-requisite waiver (I need to be able to register for a class that has a pre-requisite that I have fulfilled at another institution). 

·         This is one of the most common requests in our office.  To help us process these requests, please email us a copy of your unofficial transcript that includes the course/test score that meets the pre-requisite in question.  Include your name, student ID#, and the course and section for which you are trying to register.  You may also include a phone number where you can be contacted with any questions.

Question:  I have a concern about what is happening in my class this semester (grade, syllabus policies, etc.)

·         The division chair is the right person to contact if you have already talked to your professor.  If you have not, talk to your professor first.  If you still have concerns after their conversation, email the division chair (see above for professional email etiquette).  Include the course and section number, your concern, and the results of the conversation with your professor.  You may also include the resolution you want to reach by contacting the division chair (I would like my grade to be reviewed or I just wanted you to know what was going on in the classroom, etc.). 

Contact Us

Social Science Division  

Dr. Laura Dull, Division Chair
Office: G-107

Gin Fuller, Office Professional

Office: G-109


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Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

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