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Social Science

Faculty Information

Laura Dull, Professor

Office: G-107
Phone: 989-686-9062

Laura Dull

B.A.- Central Michigan University, Master’s in Theological Studies-Weston Jesuit School of Theology, M.A. and Ph.D. in Medieval History-University of Notre Dame
Courses Taught: HIS 111 and 112 (Early and Later Western Civilization), HIS 240 (Renaissances and Reformations in Early Modern Europe)
Historical Areas of Interest: Late Medieval Europe, Gender History, Religious History, Comparative History
Pedagogical Styles: Informal lecture with ongoing question and answer, small and large group discussions, hands-on learning projects

Michael Evans, Instructor

Office: G-106
Phone: 989-686-9005


B.A.- Reading University, M.A.--Reading University, Ph.D.--Nottingham University
Courses Taught: HIS 111 and 112 (Early and Later Western Civilization)
Historical Areas of Interest: Medieval Europe, especially the Crusades, monarch, gender, post-medieval views of the Middle Ages

Publications: The Death of Kings (Hambledon and London, 2003); Inventing Eleanor (Bloomsbury, 2014)
Pedagogical Styles: Informal lecture, small group discussions, source-based study, and structured in-class debates

Amy French, Assistant Professor

Office: G-103
Phone: 989-686-9132


Women Who Dared:

Clip from documentary--Settling In: Immigrants and Cultures that Built Mid-Michigan:

A.A.-Delta College, B.A.-University of Michigan, M.A.-Central Michigan University, Ph.D.-Wayne State University
Courses Taught: HIS 221 and 222 (Early and Recent American History), HIS 215 (Recent African-American History), HIS 225 (History of Women and Gender), HIS 237 (History of Michigan)
Historical Areas of Interest: Labor History, Gender History, Gilded Age and Progressive Era in the United States, and the long Civil Rights Era
Pedagogical Styles: Conversational lecture style with a great deal of student engagement and interaction, small and large group discussions, in-class activities

Sarah Wiley, Associate Professor

Office: S-043
Phone: 989-686-9134
Web Site:

B.A.-University of Alabama, M.A.-University of Montana
Courses Taught: HIS 111 (Early Western Civilization), HIS 221 and 222 (Early and Recent American History),

Terry Miller, Adjunct Faculty



A.A. Delta College, B.S. Central Michigan University, M.A. Central Michigan University, M.A.T. Saginaw Valley State University Courses Taught: HIS 111 and 112 Early and Later Western Civilization;and  HIS 222 Recent American History Historical Areas of Interest: Big History; Environmental History; and Greco-Roman History Pedagogical Styles: Traditional lecture supplemented with multimedia, learning modules, and ongoing question/answer/discussion


James Rodriguez, Adjunct Instructor


Christina Szilagyi, Adjunct Instructor


Jason Szilagyi, Adjunct Instructor


Alexander Simmeth, Adjunct Instructor


Matthew Thick, Adjunct Instructor



A.A. Mott Community College, B.A. University of Michigan--Flint, M.A. Wayne State University Courses Taught: HIS 237 (Michigan History) and 112 Later Western Civilization; Historical Areas of Interest: American Indian, Great Lakes Region/Michigan, Modern World Pedagogical Styles: Mixture of traditional lecture with question/answer at times, small and large group discussion, group analysis of primary documents


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