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Office of Student Engagement

Rules and Regulations


  1. All students currently enrolled in classes at Delta College as well as faculty and staff shall be eligible to compete in any activity promoted by the Intramural Department, except as provided later in these articles.
  2. Students on any intercollegiate team (Varsity or Freshman) who drop or cut after the first scheduled contest are not eligible to compete in that particular sport or related sports on an intramural basis for the remainder of that season.
  3. A student barred from intercollegiate athletics because of professionalism shall not be eligible for intramural athletics in that particular sport.
  4. Additions and deletions to a particular roster must be completed before the third contest in that particular activity has begun. After that date, all rosters will be frozen for the duration of the tourney or league.
  5. No student or faculty may play on more than one intramural team in the same sport. His initial participation on a team in a sport limits his membership to that particular team throughout that sport season.
  6. Players using assumed names shall be declared ineligible for all intramural sports for a period of time to be determined by the Intramural Director.
  7. The Intramural Director may declare a person ineligible to participate in intramural athletics for unsportsmanlike conduct toward officials or opponents.
  8. Students participating in the intramural program must wear appropriate clothing dictated by the sport. i.e. (indoors-proper gym shoes and accepted sports wear.)


  1. All protests must be filed in writing in the office of the I.M. Director before 4:00pm of the school day following the contest in question.
  2. Both teams (one captain or one player representative from each team) and contestants as well as the officials shall be allowed to present their version of the protest upon which a decision must be made.


  1. Whenever possible, student officials will be used to oversee the playing of contests.
  2. Student officials will be paid the regular college rate of hourly pay.
  3. Student officials for a particular sport contest may not be participants in the intramural league for which they will be officiating. Exceptions may be made by the I.M. Director.


Delta College or Intramural Department will not be responsible for accidents or injuries sustained during intramural competition, other than the rendering of first aid. Each individual participating in the intramural program assumes responsibility for his health. If an individual has not had a physical examination within the past year, he/she is advised to have one immediately. Health, Accident, and Hospitalization insurance is recommended for each participant.


  1. Should a team or contestant fail to appear for an event within 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, the official in charge or I.M Director may at his or her own discretion declare the event forfeited to the team or contestant ready to play.
  2. Should both teams or contestants fail to appear, they both shall have defeats recorded against them.
  3. A team or contestant may be removed from the program after two forfeits.
  4. Any team using an ineligible player will forfeit that contest.


  1. A scheduled intramural contest may be postponed only with the agreement of team captain’s, individual contestants and the I.M. Director.
  2. Postponed contests shall be played at a time designated by the Intramural Department in agreement with team captain’s and/or participants.
  3. Where elimination contests are concerned, postponed events must be played before the time factor delays the entire tournament.


  1. All ties will be played-off in may sport to determine first place whenever possible. Ties concerning other places may be decided by a coin toss when a play-off is not possible.
  2. Awards shall be given to the champion (team or contestants) of the various tournaments and the number of places receiving awards shall be determined by the I.M. Director or the regulations governing a particular tournament.

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