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We are committed to preparing our graduates to make a difference in the way we live and work while being mindful of the interconnectedness of people, profit, and the planet.

An education that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainability focused, ensures that students understand ecological processes and how our choices affect the environment; develops student understanding of social justice and equity, encouraging involvement at the local level while considering the global population; and teaches that business can be designed to be profitable without the expense of the ecosystem, local or world communities.

Sustainability-Related Courses

Sustainability-Related Courses can be taken in a variety of different disciplines and incorporate sustainable concepts as a distinct course module or concentrate on a single aspect of the three aspects of sustainability; environmental, social, or economic. A current listing of courses offered may be viewed using the link below. To find detailed information on specific class sections with "S" designation, you may refer to the Course Schedule.

Sustainability-Related Courses

International Travel Study

Student Academic Study Travel courses are a combination of campus instruction and international travel. They focus on understanding the connectedness of human and environmental systems and the concepts of socio-cultural, ecological, and economic sustainability. They are open to all students including Honors Program students, who will be required to complete an additional project. Trip costs do NOT include course tuition and fees. Students should check with their Financial Aid Advisor for aid eligibility. Trip flyers are available in the right column menu. For more information email or call 989.686.9209. Scholarships and fundraising opportunities are available.

Monteverde, Costa Rica - March 4-12, 2017 (Seats Available!)

Immerse yourself in one of the world's most diverse ecosystems and sustainable cultures! Explore Costa Rica's lush tropical landscape from high in the cloud forest of the UGA Monteverde campus. Participate in lectures, activities, and tours on the UGA campus and the surrounding communities. Study the economies of organic farming while touring coffee plantations and fish farms. Explore the history and development of architecture and sustainable building. Discover nocturnal species during night hikes and colorful wings while bird watching. Examine the effects of eco-tourism while hiking the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and ziplining over the rainforest canopy. Meet the enterprising locals at EcoBambu Recyling, Art House Gallery, Finca La Bella Organic Farms, Café San Luis Coffee Plantation, and Rancho Lelo de Fish Farm. Understand the value of stewardship and carbon offsets while planting trees along Bellbird Biological Corridor.

Trip cost: $1,695; Includes 9 days of travel, flight, in-country transportation, lodging, excursion fees, and most meals.

Brittany, France - June 1-11, 2017 (Seats Available!)

Lying in the northwest corner of France, Brittany is one of the most beautiful historic provinces and the most Atlantic of regions. From the capital city of Rennes, you'll take day excursions to experience La Roches aux Fees, ancient Dolmen ruins, and museums. You'll venture to the surrounding coasts to discover the imposing granite walls, the Benedictine Abbey, stained-glass windows depicting a city's history, Neolithic stone monuments, and seaside villages steeped in tradition.

You'll walk the narrow cobbled streets of Douarnenez to find ancient seafaring harbors, historic chapels, food vendors, and the town square covered market. Practice your watercolor strokes among the landscape, architecture, beautiful produce at the Marches des Lices and along the wild Atlantic coast. Learn the distinct Celtic traditions particular to this beautiful unspoiled and authentic region. Participate in lectures, activities, and tours among ancient settlements, medieval castles, architectural stone cities, and the rugged coasts.

The travel focuses on understanding the connectedness of humans with their environment and the concepts of socio-cultural, ecological, and economic sustainability. It is diverse in its instruction and experience and can be applied to any number of credit-learning courses.

Trip Cost: $2,995; Includes 11 days of of travel, flight, in-country transportation, lodging, excursion fees and most meals.

Green Book: Creative Sustainable Action Vol. 2

Poets, painters, project makers…students, storytellers, sculpture makers! We invite you to make a difference by joining us in the production of Green Book Vol. 2. If you and your students are participating in community learning, class projects, alternative spring breaks, volunteer programs, or any other venue that involves local foods, growing, farming, compost sharing, organic poultry and meats, and food collectives that foster sustainable action and stewardship, we want to share your story!

Many of you shared your projects in Vol. 1. Green Book: Creative Sustainable Action gathered imaginative, artistic, and resourceful actions that gave credence to our ability to make a difference. Green Book, Vol. 1 has been recognized as an outstanding case study by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)!

We look forward to your hearing about your completed projects, your projects in action, those yet to be launched, and your ideas. Please send them to If you’d like more information, contact, or

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