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Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP)

See Automotive Service Educational Program (gm Asep) - Associate In Applied Science

The General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) is an associate degree program designed to upgrade the technical competence and professional level of the incoming dealership technician. The ASEP program includes classroom and laboratory sessions on up-to-date General Motors products as well as work experience at a General Motors dealership or an ACDelco TSS Service Center.

At Delta College the entire program requires 109 weeks of training, with an equivalent of 54 weeks spent on the Delta College campus and 55 weeks in a dealership work experience. Each specialized subject is taught in the classroom and laboratory on campus and is then immediately followed by related work experience in the dealership or TSS Service Center. This rotation system continues until the program is completed.

Since half of the program is spent at the work place, it is a requirement for the student to have a sponsoring General Motors dealer or ACDelco TSS. The main responsibility of the sponsor is to provide employment for the student during all of the work experience periods. Although it is not a requirement of the program, the student may also work part time at the sponsor while attending classes, provided it does not interfere with the classroom performance.

All tuition, fees, housing (if needed) and textbook costs are the responsibility of the student. Tuition is based on current tuition rates and may be subject to change pending Board of Trustees approval. Housing is available off campus for students living a distance too far to commute. Students are required to have tools for training and work. They may select any brand of tools. It may be possible to obtain an educational discount for most well-known brands.

Since students earn while learning, there is opportunity to defray some of the expenses involved on a continuing basis.

The ASEP program helps students to grow in knowledge, skills, and potential in servicing GM products. The completion of the general education courses in the program add a balance of qualities so vital to working in today's service industry. Dealers who have participated in the program have been extremely enthusiastic and have indicated that students become valuable members of their employee service teams as early as the second semester.

The sophistication, professionalism, and competence required in the automotive field warrants this kind of program.


Materials and More Information

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Finding a Sponsor                                                   Guide for Job Seekers and Employees


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