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Technical Trades and Manufacturing Division

Student Technical Solutions Competition

Planning is in progress for the 2017 competition. 

More details and the date of the event will be posted soon.                                     

 welding students


Student Technical Solutions Competition Objectives

The primary objectives of the Student Technical Solutions Competition are:

  1. To provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their technical knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities.
  2. To provide an opportunity to associate with professional people whose interests and abilities are similar to theirs and who hold positions to which students may aspire.
  3. To provide occupational incentive and guidance for students.
  4. To focus public attention on the nature, quality, and scope of the instructional programs in industrial education provided for youth in the area.
  5. To foster a greater degree of cooperation, communication, and understanding between education and industry.
  6. To serve as a means of communication for teachers with similar goals and interests.

General Rules and Information

Plan early to have your students represent your school in one of the Competition Categories. Please thoroughly read both the General Rules and Information and the Specific Rules and Information related to each subject area and category in which your students will participate.

The College doors will be open at 7:30 a.m. Please use the Northeast Parking Lot and enter through the L-Wing & M-Wing doors (Technical Trades & Engineering Building). You can pick up copies of the Program and Floor Plans in the hall of M-Wing that will indicate the time schedule, competition room locations for each event, and location of the cafeteria (Commons).

At, or soon after, 8:00 a.m., all student participants should take their equipment directly to the room where their competition is to be held and meet with the director of the event. Registration lists will be checked, and any necessary changes in paperwork will be taken care of at this time.

Competitions will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Between 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon, students and faculty can have lunch on their own and explore the campus. At 12:00 noon, following the lunch period, there will be an awards presentation in the Lecture Theater, G160.

The number of participants allowed to compete in each competition area must be predetermined due to the limits of our facilities. If fewer than three different sponsors have entered an individual or team in a particular category by the deadline of day of the event, that category may be deleted and the sponsoring schools notified.

In case of an emergency, substitutions for contestants may be made by phone or at Delta on the day of the competition.



Identical problems will be given to all contestants in each competition category.


Judges' decisions will be final.


Students must provide their own safety equipment, etc., as requested in specific competition area instructions.


Only student contestants, judges, and directors will be allowed in the competition area (room) during the actual competition.

Contact Information

 Division Chair, TTM Division

 Bruce Faccio
  Phone: 989-686-9254
  Office: M123
 Architectural Technology
 Tari Hackborn
  Phone: 989-686-9044
  Office: M122
 Computer Numerical Control
 Terry Morse
  Phone: 989-686-9153 
  Office: M131
 Residential Construction
 Michael Finelli
  Phone: 989-686-9021 
  Office: M127 
 Automotive Service Technology        
 Tom Coats
  Phone: 989-686-9526
  Office: M125 
 Automotive Service Educational Program  
 Tom Coats
  Phone: 989-686-9526
  Office: M125
 Mechanical Drafting
 Matt Eyre
  Phone: 989-686-9571
  Office: M126
 Machine Tool    
 Terry Morse
  Phone: 989-686-9153
  Office: M131
 Mechanical Auto CAD
 Tari Hackborn
      Phone: 989-686-9044  
               Office: M122
 Welding Engineering Technology  
 Jim Proctor
  Phone: 989-686-9599
  Office: L121
 Electrical and Robots                
 Diane Lobsiger
  Phone: 989-686-9441
Office: M130 
 Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Service Technology
 Bob Neymeiyer
   Phone: 989-686-9801
   Office: P173

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