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WRIT Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I visit the WRIT Center?
We serve writers and readers best when they come to the WRIT Center motivated to receive feedback. Regular visits throughout all stages of the writing and reading process are encouraged.

What types of writing can I bring to the WRIT Center?
We serve any and all types of writing, but our most common pieces are: scholarship applications, cover letters, resumes, bibliographies, essays, works cited page(s), other class assignments, etc.

What exactly would I get from a reading session?

If you’re struggling to make sense of a textbook or article, WRIT Center consultants can give you strategies to read more efficiently and effectively.  We can help students to comprehend fiction and nonfiction alike.  Reading consultations mostly include assistance with annotation, vocabulary and textbook strategies. 

What can I expect when I come to the face to face WRIT Center?
You must have your student number to check in at the WRIT Center desk. After a Consultant has checked you in, you will sit in close proximity to a trained WRIT Center Consultant, who will work with you on your writing or reading. At the end of the session, you will complete an online evaluation form to let us know how we did.

What can I expect when I submit an essay to the Online WRIT Center?
After you’ve submitted your writing to the online WRIT Center through a link on our homepage, you can expect it to be returned to you within two business days, with inserted margin comments, overall impressions, and helpful links embedded in the document.

How do I contact the WRIT Center?
The WRIT Center is located in the back of the LLIC (library) by the big windows.  Visit, email, or call 989-686-9086 for further assistance.

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