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Middle School Math Competition

Math is a competitive sport. That's how we feel about it, too! That's why Delta College has been hosting the Middle School Mathematics Competition each spring since 1997.

2020 Annual Competition

The 23rd annual Middle School Math Competition will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2020 which is also National Pi Day! Can you guess what this year's theme will be? Hope to see you there!

Registration is now open!  You may register your students online today. Any questions may be directed to

 Students at the Math Competition

How it works

The competition is open to area 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Each school chooses the students that will compete by a variety of methods. Many schools use the practice test (PDF) and answers (PDF) provided by Delta in the fall of each academic year to aid in this selection. Middle schoolers compete in a challenging math test to earn their trophies and medals. Throughout the day, fun activities are scattered throughout campus to show students how math is incorporated in different areas around the world.

2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2019 math superstars!

Want to know your score on the test? Check out the 2019 math competition results.

6th Grade Winners

1st Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Jason Wang, Chippewa Middle School

2nd Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Alex Horton, Jefferson Middle School

3rd Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Jessica Chai, Jefferson Middle School

4th - 5th Place - Blue Ribbon
Andrew Denay, White Pine Middle School
Shubha Singh, Jefferson Middle School

6th - 15th Place - White Ribbon 
Christine Cai, Jefferson Middle School
Sawyer Haubenstricker, Handy Intermediate
Sawyer Gorske, Western Middle School
Meabh Hennessy, Chippewa Middle School
Addisyn Heinz, White Pine Middle School
Nathan John, Jefferson Middle School
Brayde Smith, Western Middle School
Shree Singh, Jefferson Middle School
Ishwarya Shankar, Sacred Heart Academy
Raquel Zacharek, White Pine Middle School

16th - 26th Place - Red, White & Blue Ribbon 
Brady Boelter, White Pine Middle School
Cruz Beson, Handy Intermediate 
Brendan Dine, Handy Intermediate
Sahiba Kaur, Jefferson Middle School
Emma Li, Chippewa Middle School
Ayesha Middha, Jefferson Middle School
Adrian Oikarinen, Handy Intermediate
Vishal Swamy, Black River Middle School
Elizabeth Striebel, Northeast Middle School
Kyra Smith, Western Middle School
Brady Vance, Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary

7th Grade Winners

1st Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Suhas Pachipulusu, Chippewa Middle School

2nd Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Alex Latham, Sacred Heart Academy

3rd Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Joseph He, Jefferson Middle School

4th - 5th Place - Blue Ribbon
Jonathan Song, Jefferson Middle School
Amy Liu, Chippewa Middle School
Landon Wagner, White Pine Middle School

6th - 10th Place - Red Ribbon 
Jiankun Zhang, Chippewa Middle School
George Gu, Jefferson Middle School
Mallory Martin, Handy Intermediate
Samantha Smith, White Pine Middle School
Cam Benson, St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School

11th - 13th Place - White Ribbon 
Soren Walther, Chippewa Middle School
T'emi Oshin, Jefferson Middle School
Diedre Haupt, White Pine Middle School

14th - 25th Place - Red, White & Blue Ribbon 
Gabriel Stoner, Chippewa Middle School
Kennedy Thurlow, Northeast Middle School
Hunter Rouleau, Harrison Middle School
Trenton Particka, White Pine Middle School
Jenna Princing, Peace Lutheran School
Alex Christian, White Pine Middle School
Sarah Li, Jefferson Middle School
Olivia Mayer, Jefferson Middle School
Vincent Koutras, White Pine Middle School
Luke Ellis, White Pine Middle School
Madeline Cha, Jefferson Middle School
Michael Boss, White Pine Middle School

8th Grade Winners

1st Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Matthew Harrelson, Black River Public School

2nd Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Aswath Karai, Chippewa Middle School

3rd Place - Blue Ribbon + Trophy 
Shubhan Nagarkar, Jefferson Middle School

4th Place - Blue Ribbon
Amy Lee, Jefferson Middle School
Eric Cui, Chippewa Middle School

5th - 10th Place - Red Ribbon 
Stephanie Han, Chippewa Middle School
Madeyn Rynsburger, Black River Public School
Andy Yao, Jefferson Middle School
Landon Wagner, White Pine Middle School
Ryan Rinearson, Northeast Middle School
Andrew Mayer, Meridian Junior High School

11th -  15th Place - White Ribbon 
Archita Saraiya, Sacred Heart Academy
Anderson Li, White Pine Middle School
Mallory Harrelson, Trinity Lutheran School
Maddy Fournier, Western Middle School
Wyatt Wojdula, St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School

16th - 23rd Place - Red, White & Blue Ribbon 
Luke Zadharek, White Pine Middle School
Sydney Thompson, Jefferson Middle School
Ben Root, Jefferson Middle School
Nikolas Nisidis, Peace Lutheran School
Tyler Deibel, White Pine Middle School
Kyle Fall, E.F. Rittmueller Middle School
Nolan Gotham, White Pine Middle School
Cole Carpenter, Northeast Middle School 


Top Scorers
#9015 - 1st Place
#9002 - 2nd Place
#9006 - 3rd Place
#9012 - 4th Place
#9004 - 5th Place
#9003 - 6th Place
#9011 - Tied for 7th Place
#9020 - Tied for 7th Place


Delta has been hosting the Middle School Math Competition since 1997.


Each year nearly 400 students participate in the competition. 

State of Michigan

Competitors representing 40 schools come from all over the state of Michigan each year.