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Applicant Information

We are so glad you are interested in joining our Delta team. Here is what you need to know to get started.

We want your application process to be a pleasant experience. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us.

General application information

Delta College’s Human Resource Office only accepts applications submitted through the online process. Please visit People Admin to review and apply to current job openings.

Although applicants can submit application materials to several job openings, please note that it is Delta College's practice that candidates who accept part-time employment are only able to hold one position within the college at a time.

Employment consideration at Delta College requires applicants to meet qualifications as listed in any posted position. Online postings summarize the essential functions and requirements for the position. Applicants are typically required to answer supplemental questions that support experience and education as relates to the job posting. In addition, applicants may be required to submit supplemental application materials that include: resumes, cover letters, Curriculum Vitae transcripts and recommendations. Applicants who do not meet required qualifications or submit required documentation will not continue through the search process.

Please thoroughly review both job posting requirements and submitted application materials to determine if you have all of the necessary electronic files to submit your application.

Once completed online application materials are submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation message that appears within the screen. If a confirmation message is not received, applicants should return to the application and make sure all of the following are complete: contact information, education history, employment history, supplemental questions; and supporting documents that include resume, cover letter, transcripts, curriculum vitae, and recommendations.

All hiring decisions are based on qualifications for the selection of the best talent. When an application is received, it is carefully screened in alignment with minimum requirements and additional considerations as listed in the job posting. Applicants who meet required qualifications will receive further consideration, which may include phone interviews, in-person interviews, scheduled campus tours and skills-related testing.

Application materials for Part-time Adjunct Faculty are screened by the appropriate division. Specific part-time teaching needs for future semesters may not be known until the end of class registration. If a need materializes, and it is determined that your credentials meet position requirements, you will receive further consideration. Selected candidates are invited to participate in interviews in which a teaching demonstration will be required.

Applicants, who are currently employed with the college, previously employed by the college, and/or submitted application materials to other current or prior postings, must submit application materials as relates to postings of interest. Upon submission of your application materials, please regularly check your application to know the status of your application. Applicants/Candidates may also view the table below (Status of Open Positions) to check the status of any currently posted positron for which the college is seeking qualified candidates.

If you are contacted for an interview and are required to travel, the College will pay one half of approved travel cost.  Travel by a personal vehicle will be reimbursed at the College mileage rate, not to exceed one half of the lowest plane fare cost.  The cost of meals will be reimbursed to candidates not to exceed the daily rate in the Delta College Procedures Manual; long distance telephone calls made or alcoholic beverages purchased by the candidate will not be included.

We wish you success in your chosen career endeavors and invite you to consider Delta College for employment openings as Delta is not only a "great" place to work, but continues to rank as one of America’s leading community colleges.

Delta College offers a variety of rewarding opportunities for part-time and full-time employment.  Please visit our employment website to view all of our open positions. 

Status of open positions
Status Definitions

Pool: There may not be current openings for this position at this time. By submitting an application to this position, you are expressing interest should an opening become available in the future based on the needs of the college. Our hiring managers/discipline coordinators routinely review available applications as openings become available.

Screening:  Screening committee is reviewing one-way screening videos. (applies only to select positions)

Evaluation of Applications: Search committees are reviewing submitted application materials.

Interviews: Candidates are invited to participate in interviews with search committees.

Final Selection: Interviews have been completed and the finalists selected for the position have been notified.

Search Complete: The position has been filled.

Full-Time Positions
Position Title Status
Business Services Representative Apprenticeship Specialist Search Complete
Employment Services Advisor - Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! Interviews
Director of Belonging, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Interviews
Director of Institutional Research Screening/Interviews
Dual Enrollment & Early Middle College Navigator Search Complete
Laboratory Manager Evaluation of Applications
Learning Resource Manager Final Selection
LMS & Learning Design Specialist Interviews
Semiconductor Manager Evaluation of Applications
Student Success Advisor Final Selection
Vice President of Student Empowerment & Success Screening/Interviews
Writer Search Complete
Biology Learning & Technology Consultant Evaluation of Applications
Dental Clinic Operations Specialist Evaluation of Applications
Office Professional - BEDI Search Complete
Operations Coordinator Search Complete
Secondary Articulation Office Professional Interviews
WRIT Consultant Evaluation of Applications
Anatomy & Physiology Biology (Tenure-Track) Instructor Evaluation of Applications
Chemistry (Tenure Track) Instructor Interviews
Communication (Tenure Track) Instructor Interviews
Dental Hygiene (Tenure Track) Instructor Evaluation of Applications
Management (Tenure Track) Instructor Interviews
Mathematics (Tenure Track) Instructor Evaluation of Applications
Microbiology (Tenure-Track) Instructor Evaluation of Applications
Nursing (Tenure Track) Instructor - Med/Surg Evaluation of Applications
Nursing (Tenure Track) Instructor - Med/Surg (Evening/Weekend RN Tract Evaluation of Applications
Philosophy (Tenure Track) Instructor Interviews
Psychology (Tenure Track) Instructor Interviews
Part-Time Positions
Position Title Status
Athletic Trainer Per Diem Evaluation of Applications
Biology/Health Science/Math Tutor Pool
Chemical Process/Instrumentation Technician Instructor Evaluation of Applications
General Laborer - 1st Shift (6:00am - 2:30pm, Monday - Friday) Pool
General Laborer - 2nd/3rd Shift Evaluation of Applications/Interviews
Head Coach - Men's Basketball Search Complete
Healthcare Simulation Educator Evaluation of Applicants
IT Lab Support Technician Final Selection
Learning Consultant for Accounting, (Business) Math, and Economics Evaluation of Applications
Physics/Chemistry/Math Tutor Pool
Police Officer Evaluation of Applications
Public Safety Officer Evaluation of Applications
Safety Officer II Pool
Structured Learning Assistant (SLA) Facilitator Pool
Swim Instructor Evaluation of Applications
Adjunct Positions

Please note if you applied for an adjunct position not listed below the status is currently a pool, meaning there may not be openings at this time but your application will remain in the pool of candidates for review.

Position Title Status
Automotive Evaluation of Applications
Anatomy and Physiology Pool
CNA Evaluation of Applications
General Biology Pool
General Chemistry Pool
Health Science Basic Medical Emergencies Pool
Heavy Duty Diesel Evaluation of Applications
Intermediate Math Pool
Introductory Math Pool
Microbiology Pool
CNA Supplemental  Pool
Minimum Technology Skills

Minimum Skills Required, but not limited to:

1. Telephone

Etiquette – Outside calls should be answered in a friendly, business-like manner, identifying the institution, department, and self (last name optional).  Inside calls should be answered in the same manner with the exception of identifying the institution.  If unsure of call (inside or outside) answer as if it is an outside caller.       

Employee should be able to:

  • Transfer calls – always give caller transfer information, i.e. extension, department, person’s name to whom they are being transferred.  If unsure of where to transfer caller, never just transfer.  Make sure that you are sending caller to the right department before  you hang up.
  • Place and retrieve a call “on hold.”
  • Manipulate Voicemail – check messages (at least once a day, if not more), record a message to reflect schedule and give caller an alternate option, change message to out-of-office greeting, for a message to another number, place a call directly to a voice mail box, and check voicemail from another location.

Rationale – Our first contact with a customer may be our only opportunity to make a good impression. By engaging in the above skills, it provides consistency within the College and projects a professional image.

2. Electronic calendar

Etiquette – Allow sufficient notification/response time.  (If less than 48 hours, additional means of notification may be necessary.)  If unable to attend a very small meeting, use face-to-face, email, or phone to notify other participants.

Employee should be able to:

  • View daily – to acknowledge any new appointments that may have been added
  • Schedule and edit an appointment 
  • Respond to a group meeting 
  • Schedule a group meeting
  • Edit access rights – to allow others to have access to your calendar
  • Change preferences 
  • Print calendar (day, week, and month)

Rationale – Electronic Calendar is an efficient tool for scheduling meetings. It increases productivity and improves internal departmental communications.

3.  Fax machine

Etiquette – Follow operating guidelines provided for machine in that area. Never use auto redial; it delays use of the machine and ability to receive incoming faxes. Always use a fax cover sheet with pertinent Delta information, i.e., your name, department, office phone number and fax number.  Leave machine in “operational” mode. Be courteous, wait patiently, and provide privacy to user ahead of you. Maintain a neat work area and notify person responsible in that area if a problem arises. 

Employee should be able to:

  • Send a fax 
  • Load paper

Rationale – Faxes have become a primary and necessary communication tool in today’s business environment. 

4. Copy machine

Etiquette - Follow operating guidelines for machine in that area. Tend to the machine while making copies. Do not start machine, and then walk away. Leave the machine "operational" and "cleared" for the next person, i.e., reset to default, and return to standard 8 1/2" x 11" white paper. Be considerate. Do not make more than 35 copies. Anything over 35 copies should be taken to the printing department. If an occasional need arises to make more than 35 copies, invite persons with smaller quantities to proceed ahead of you. Maintain a neat work area and notify appropriate person if problems arise. 

Employee should be able to:

  • Turn equipment on and off 
  • Load paper  
  • Input account number / Employee ID number

 Rationale - In today's business environment, a copy machine is a necessity. It saves time, money, and increases productivity. 

5. Printers

Etiquette - Refill paper, clear paper jams, remove specialized paper when finished, report maintenance issues to appropriate personnel, follow Delta College's acceptable use guidelines for non-Delta related work, and maintain a neat work area.  Make sure printers are left in operational mode. 

Employee should be able to:

  • Turn equipment on and off  
  • Load paper  
  • Remove paper jam 

Rationale - In today's business environment, printers are essential to provide professional, personalized documents for both internal and external clientèle.

6. PC  

 Employee should be able to:

  • Turn equipment on and off  
  • Reboot the system 
  • Use file manager (example: distinguish between different drives, understand difference between folder, file, drive, and path) 
  • Set defaults to save to the Network folders and NOT C: drive

 Rationale - A fundamental foundation for PC literacy maximizes our return on the College's technological investment. Most employees have access to a PC, which enables them to perform their job responsibilities more efficiently. 

7. Email

Employee should be able to:

  • Compose (send) message 
  • Read messages - Check at least daily, if not more. If e-mail is not checked at least daily, someone may be missing an important message and, by not responding in a timely manner, you may be losing your communication link.
  • Reply to messages - Respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Be professional in your replies. Use spellchecker. Be able to respond appropriately to a particular person versus a group. 
  • Delete messages in Inbox,  Sent Items, and Deleted Items folders 
  • Print messages  
  • Create a folder  
  • Save messages to appropriate folders  
  • Attach and retrieve an attachment  
  • Use signature  
  • Use the out-of-office auto reply feature  


In today's technological world, e-mail is one of the primary vehicles of communication. People are using e-mail more and more as a means of internal and external communication.  

8. Security maintenance

 Employee should be able to:

  •  Reset passwords  
  • Set up a password protected screen saver 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of electronic resources access and use guidelines  
  • Demonstrate an understanding of copyright laws and FERPA 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of security awareness – employees should lock down their computers when not in use; passwords should not be shared 

 Rationale -  Provides protection to the individual, student, and the College. 

9. Internet/Intranet

Etiquette - Follow Delta College acceptable use guidelines for technology use. (Guidelines can be found on Delta's homepage) 

Employee should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of world wide web (www) sites relevant to one's position  
  • Print a web page  
  • Use search engine or subject guide to find appropriate information or sites  
  • Add a bookmark  
  • Locate a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) - a web page address 
  • Download documents relevant to one's position 
  • Access Delta's intranet "The Portal" and the Web interface "MyDelta"

Rationale - A useful resource to gain information and conduct research.

10. Word processing skills

Employee should be able to:

  • Create a document (letter/memo) - Make use of basic productivity tool.
  • Create a folder  
  • Open, close, and save a document  
  • Select text, cut, copy, and paste  
  • Use undo and repeat commands 
  • Use spellchecker  
  • Print a document  
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between Save and Save As.

 Rationale - Increases productivity and efficiency within one's job.

11. College supported software

 Employee should:

  •  Know what College supported software is available to be used as an appropriate tool for a specific task.
  • Know the purpose of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Possess software licensure awareness

Rationale - Increases productivity and efficiency within one's job.


The management of these steps will be the responsibility of the Human Resources Office in assuring Supervisors and Employees use the College Resources. 

  1. Assessing employees. Employees will be assessed during the annual performance evaluation by Supervisors.
  2. Methods to acquire skills.
    - Access the employee-training website.
    - Workshops, handouts, manuals, and job shadowing.
  3. Standard Orientation

Orientation checklists include resources for training covered by Human Resources, Supervisor and Employee.  The standard orientation should include, but not be limited to, setting up accounts for and demonstrating the use of Delta’s phone system, Outlook mail, Outlook, calendar, etc.

The above minimum standards are required of all employees.  However, as standards change, employees will be expected to acquire the new standards and skills as determined by the College and individual positions.  Additionally individual job descriptions may require that an individual obtain skill levels above the minimum.

Instructor with student

Employment Application
Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I begin the application process?
Answer:  To begin the application process, click on the “Create Account” link and select a username and password that you will easily remember. NOTE: Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive and should not include spaces. You should write down your username and password, you will need it to apply for other positions or check the status of your application the next time you visit the site.  

 -   Click the “Create Account” link.
 -   Select and enter your own username and password (write this down for future reference.) NOTE: Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive and should not include spaces.
 -   Be sure to supply an email address, future communications regarding your application and password reset information will be sent to this address.

If you do not currently have an email address/account, there are several free email services available to you. Delta College does not endorse any one specific service but the most common free email providers are: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. Search on your web browser for these providers to link to the specific instructions for creating an account.

View our career opportunities to view witch positions we are currently accepting applications.

Do I have to fill out an online application?

Answer: Yes, everyone who applies for a position is required to create an application which includes certain information. Any required information is denoted with an asterisk (*). However, the more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your skills, abilities and qualifications.

I don't have access to the Internet, how can I apply for a job? Can I apply in person for a job?

Answer: We now accept only online applications. Computers are also available at many public libraries, including Delta College's library. Additionally there is a kiosk available for applicant use in the reception area of Delta's Human Resources Office, located in J101.

I am interested in teaching part-time at Delta. How do I find more information about these opportunities?

Answer: Please view our open adjunct positions.
Note that our adjunct listing is not in alphabetical order due to our software. To help locate the adjunct position you are looking for use the 'Search' feature at the top of the listing.

For salary information please view our compensation page.

Division contacts

Division  Chair Phone Number
Business and Technology Susan Roche 989-686-9254
Arts and Letters JD Garn 989-686-9160
Health and Wellness Pete Fox 989-686-9565
Science and Mathematics Melissa Haswell 989-686-9181
Social Sciences Dan Allen 989-686-9062


Contact the Human Resources office with any questions or concerns at or 989-686-9107.  

What information will I be asked to provide on the application?

Answer: You will be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc. You will also be asked to provide information about your education and previous employment, as well as contact information regarding your employment history and references. Please gather this information before beginning the application.

The application requires that you supply three work related references. It is recommended that you have the required information available prior to beginning the application process. You must provide: the name of the reference, their place of employment, years known, street, city, state, zip code and phone number.

Please note that when entering information on the Education and Experience screen you will be required to enter at least one entry for each area. For each new entry you must select the “Add Education Entry” button. Additionally, you must select the “Add Employment Experience Entry” button when entering your employment history. While the system only requires one entry for each of these areas please be thorough and include all employment and educational history. This is the primary information used to evaluate your job qualifications. Information submitted on your resume will not be accepted in lieu of completing the application.

How do I attach the required materials? (resume, cover letter, etc…)? 

Answer: To attach required materials: on the “Documents needed to Apply” page choose the “add document” link. Select the "browse" button to find the file you wish to attach, provide a description of the file (ie resume, cover letter) then choose the "add/upload file" button. Your file will now show up under the "Uploaded Files:" area. Do these steps for each file you need to attach. Close the window to return to the last page of the application. If you do not have a file created you may choose the “Write a resume” link at the top to create one, after you have applied for one position in the future you can use this page to click on the “Select Previously Added Resume”. 

While completing your application you can move to another area of the application by choosing from the dropdown found at the top of the page. This provides ease when returning to finalize and submit your application or for updating your information when applying for future positions. 

What if my uploaded documents won’t convert to .pdf?

Answer: If during the uploading process, your documents do not convert correctly to .PDF format – Please call the Human Resources office at (989) 686-9107 or email your documents to the Human Resource office at Please include in your email – Your name, the position you are applying for and attach the documents that are not converting or uploading correctly. 

What if I don’t have copies of my transcript? 

Answer: Although it is not required on any position application, it will benefit you to add them to your application. It will be used to evaluate your job qualifications. Official transcripts are not required until a conditional offer of employment is made. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to your application or you may request transcripts from your school and have them sent directly to Delta College Human Resources office, J101,1961 Delta Rd., University Center, MI 48710.

Why am I getting an error when I try to submit my application?

Answer: Check that all RED* areas of your application have been answered- Including each supplemental question. Check that all required documents have been uploaded. Check that you have checked the box and typed your name on the certification page. If you continue to have problems, please call the HR office at (989) 686-9107

If I need to stop and return to my application later, how do I save my progress?

Answer: It is recommended that as you are completing your application you choose the save button periodically. Choosing the “Next” button to continue through the application will also save your information. If you close your screen, close your Internet browser, or lose your Internet connection before clicking “SAVE” on the information entered on that page will not be saved. 

Can I copy selected information from another electronic document? 

Answer: Yes; for example, you can copy and paste the information from a Word document directly into the appropriate fields in the application form. 

Will  my information be saved for future position vacancies?

Answer: When you use our online system the first time, it will ask you to create an account to apply for a position. This account will save your information. Just login using the same username and password and your information should default. You will need to update it to reflect any changes. You will also need to upload new documents (updated resume / cover letter/etc…).

What happens after I submit my application? Will I hear something? Will I receive an acknowledgment email?

Answer: Upon successful submission of your online application you will receive a confirmation message on your computer screen. All applicants will receive communication when the position is filled and the posting has been closed. You can also log on at any time with your user name and password and click "Your Applications" to see the status. You can monitor the progress of the position anytime at our status of open positions table above . 

Once I have submitted an application, will I be considered for other positions?

Answer: No, you need to apply separately for each position you are interested in. Log in using the username and password for your account to simplify the process. 

If I am invited for an interview and I will need to travel, what can I expect?

Answer: If you are contacted for an interview and are required to travel, the College will pay one half of approved travel cost (per candidate basis.) Travel by a personal vehicle will be reimbursed at the College mileage rate, not to exceed one half of the lowest plane fare cost. The cost of meals will be reimbursed to candidates not to exceed the daily rate in the Delta College Procedures Manual. The College will not pay for long distance telephone calls made or alcoholic beverages purchased by the candidate. 

I have decided that I do not want to apply for a job, but I've already submitted my application. Is there anything I can do?

Answer: You may withdraw your application by clicking on "Your Applications". This screen will display the jobs for which you have submitted an application. In the column labeled "Status", you may click the blue link, "Withdraw Application". Once you have withdrawn your application, you will not be able to resubmit for the same posting.

I can't remember my username, how can I access my account?

Answer: Click on the "Forget your username or password?" link. Then enter the email address associated with your account and your username will be sent to you via e-mail. 

I can't remember my password.

Answer: Click on the "Forget your username or password?" link. Then enter your username and select the "Set new password" button. A message will be sent to your email account providing you a link with access to reset your password. 

I can't remember my username or password, should I create a new account?

Answer: If you are unable to remember your username or password, you may contact the Human Resources Office at or 989-686-9107. You will receive a response during our normal business hours. 

Thank you for your interest in Delta College. If you have any other questions, please contact the Human Resource office at 989-686-9107 or