Refund Policy

Full payment of tuition and fees by the payment deadline is required to complete registration.

When you register for a class, a seat is reserved for you. If you don't make the full payment, Delta College reserves the right to drop you for non-payment or submit your unpaid student account balance to legal collection process. 

Refund policy

Deadlines may fall on a Saturday, Sunday or holidays when offices are closed. You may drop courses during the refund period online in your Student Self-Service account, in person, by email, by faxing a letter or by mailing a letter (postmark will be considered the drop date). Any refund due to you will be processed after the add/drop period has ended.

Refunds are based on the date the add/drop is submitted. Calendar days begin and include the first day of college class, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    • 100 percent refund: from the official start date listed through the ninth (9th) calendar day

No refunds will be issued after the ninth (9th) calendar day from the official start date listed. A calendar day is defined as all the days of the week, including Saturday, Sunday and holidays and includes the first day of class.

    • 100 percent refund: through the first quarter of the total days of the course.

No refunds will be issued after the first quarter of the course.

Total days is defined as all of the days from the official start date to the end date listed (including the first day of class, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)

    • 100 percent refund: before the start of the course.

No refunds will be issued after the start date of the course.

Some courses are non-refundable or non-transferable. For details regarding continuing education courses, call 989-686-9305.

Offsetting equal credits and course fees

During the 10th through the 25th day from the official start date of the semester students are permitted to offset equal credits and course fees within the same academic discipline (for example, switching from an ENG course to another ENG course, but not from an ENG course to a MTH course) with the written recommendation of their instructors through the add/drop procedures.

For credits or fees added in excess of credits dropped, additional tuition and fees must be paid.  During this period, grades of “W” will not be assigned to courses dropped through the offset process.  Offset cannot be done between sessions (for example, dropping an ENG course during the first 7 ½ week session and adding an ENG course during the second 7 ½ week session, or dropping a MTH course during the Spring 7 week session and adding a MTH course during the Summer 7 week session).

Financial aid recipients considering an offset should check with the financial aid office prior to submitting an add/drop request for an offset.  Offsets must be processed via the Registrar’s office.

LAST DATE FOR OFFSET FOR SPRING 2024: Thursday, May 30, 2024

Refund schedule for Spring 2024

Class Begins
100% Refund (for courses longer than 4 weeks - refund period is the first 9 calendar days - including start date, weekends, and holidays)
Monday, May 6 May 14
Tuesday, May 7 May  15
Wednesday, May 8 May  16
Thursday, May 9 May  17
Friday, May 10 May  18
Saturday, May 11 May  19
Sunday, May 12 May  20
Monday, May 13 May 21
Additional, common start dates - check the important semester dates file below for more  
Monday, July 1 July 9
Wednesday, July 3 July 11

You can check the Refund End Date for your courses here: Important Semester Dates. If you don't see your course listed, you can reach out to the Registrar's Office for assistance. 

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