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Academic Career Experience & Service Learning

The Work Experience

What about credits?

ACE is offered for 3 - 10 credits. Variations exist in the number of credit hours a student may apply and will be determined by the ACE office.

What Do I Bring (Do) My First Day of Work?

Dress appropriately and report at least 15 minutes early.

How am I Expected to Behave at Work?

Behave as a professional. You're not just a student anymore. Look around you. Dress as your co-workers dress (or better). Ask questions. Volunteer when help is needed. Be considerate to EVERYONE. Remember, the adage "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay" may be an old idea; but it's not old fashioned. This job is your first really important reference. Never forget you represent Delta College. You can make or break our relationship with that employer!

How Do I Handle Problems at Work?

Occasionally students run into problems on the job. Delta expects you to handle all situations to the best of your ability. If there is something you cannot handle or you want advice, call your co-op coordinator right away. S/he can help you resolve your issues before they become big problems.


Co-op work assignments are paid positions. Throughout your entire co-op career, you can earn $35,000 or more. Salaries paid to ACE students are determined by the employer within each organization's wage structure. As the student progresses through his/her program and assumes more responsibility on work assignments, it is expected that the student's salary will increase as merited.

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