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Delta College Peer Mentor Program

Who are we?

The Delta College Peer Mentor Program is meant as a way to help first-year, transfer, and first-generation college students as they adjust to life at Delta College.  We will work hard to pair you with an experienced, like-minded mentor who can help guide you through your academic and social year.

Your mentor will be responsible for contacting you on a regular basis to make sure you're aware of upcoming Delta deadlines* and campus events.  The Peer Mentor Program is also a great way to meet new people!

Who should be a mentee?

  • First year Delta College students
  • First generation college students
  • Transfer students

Who should be a mentor?

Mentors must meet the minimum qualifications:

  • At least 12 credit hours complete at Delta
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Enrolled in at least 1 credit hour at Delta

What does the program provide?

  • One on one peer support
  • A chance to meet new people
  • Time management advice
  • Help setting your academic and career goals
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Easy access to campus life activities
  • Personalized reminders for upcoming Delta deadlines*

*Delta Deadlines may include signing up for classes, financial aid, add/drop periods, and more.  It does not include specific classroom deadlines and dates.


How do I sign up?

Signing up as a mentor or mentee is very easy.  Just fill out this quick survey and your information will be sent to our program coordinators.  Once everything is verified, you will be paired with a like-minded mentor or mentee to spend the rest of the year with.

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If you have any questions regarding the Delta College Peer Mentor Program, please contact: or 989-686-9205

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