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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your admission requirements?
Delta has an open door policy. Students need to complete an admission application. Once the application has been processed, your child will receive a letter telling them what their student number is, as well as their next step(s) in the enrollment process. For more information about the admission process visit the Getting Started page or contact the Admissions Office.

How does advising work at Delta?
Whenever possible, students are matched with advisors on the basis of academic interest. Students should meet with their advisors every semester to make sure that they are on track for completing their program requirements.

When do students sign up for classes for fall term?
Registration for fall semester begins in early April. Graduating seniors should start applying to the College in January or February so that they can complete the COMPASS test and orientation prior to the beginning of the semester. Students who have completed the ACT test can waive the COMPASS test if they have the appropriate scores in the areas of Math (19) and English (20) or higher.

How do I know how my son or daughter is doing academically?
Following guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Delta can not release student information to parents or guardians. We strongly recommend that you communicate often with your son or daughter in regards to their college experience.

Whom do I talk to if I am concerned about how my son or daughter is doing?
Delta expects students to “take ownership” of their education, so it makes sense to talk directly with your student first. There are a number of resources on campus that students can contact for academic assistance, including the Teaching and Learning Center, which offers free tutoring to all students, and the Bridge Program for selected students.

Does credit that my child has taken at another college or university count at Delta?
Excellent question. To see how courses transfer in and out of Delta, visit our Transfer Wizard program and locate the school in which you are inquiring. Questions about transfer credits should be directed to the Registrar.

Does a student have to apply for financial aid every year?
If you are receiving need-based financial aid or a federal loan, you must make a new application for financial aid every year.

Why don’t work study/campus employment earnings apply to a student’s charges?
Students who work on-campus receive a bi-weekly check based on the number of hours worked. Most students use their work-study earnings to cover personal expenses or books and supplies.

Can I pay for my tuition with a credit card?
Yes, credit card payments can be made through the Cashiers Office.

Can students charge books from the bookstore to their student account?
Only students with Financial Aid benefits can charge books to their account. The Student Finance Office will code the students registration schedule prior to their visiting the bookstore. Students with no financial aid benefits will not be able to charge their books to their student account, but can pay by credit card.

How much is the cost of tuition at Delta?
Tuition costs are based on residency. For the 2015-2016 school year, if a student is in-district (their primary residence is Bay, Midland, or Saginaw County), the tuition rate is $96.50 per credit hour. If a student is out-district (any other Michigan County), the tuition rate is $159 per credit hour. If a student is out-of-state or international, the tuition rate is $309 per credit hour. Each individual course also has course fees that range from $14 to $3,890.20 per credit hour.

How can I help my child adjust to college life?
Your child is entering a time in life that is both exciting and challenging, a time of great discovery and enlightenment as well as a time for learning life's lessons the hard way. The college years offer you an opportunity to reassure and support your child and strengthen your relationship.

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