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Payment Options

Tuition and fees are due by Payment Deadline each semester. Students will be deleted from classes if payment is not received by the deadline.

Make Payment in-Full

Payments made in-full are not charged a processing fee. Delta accepts debit/credit cards through Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Payments may be made at the Cashier's Office or online by logging in to MyDelta and selecting "One-Stop Student Finance (Make a Payment)".

Pay with a Tuition Payment Plan

Delta offers a short-term, interest-free payment plan to help students who need temporary cash flow assistance to pay their tuition and fees. Registered students wishing to pay with a Tuition Payment Plan must be enrolled in this plan prior to Payment Deadline.  For more information, contact the Student Finance Office at 989-686-9333.

Pay with Sponsor Funding

Delta will bill tuition, fees and books directly to various Sponsoring Agencies and Companies that offer assistance on behalf of students. Students who have sponsor funding must verify that a certificate or billing authorization from the sponsor is received in Delta’s Student Finance Office by Payment Deadline. The billing authorization must be on the sponsor’s letterhead or form, bearing the sponsor’s name, billing address and contact information. A new sponsor billing authorization must be submitted for each semester that the sponsor is providing financial assistance. Students must verify the amount of tuition and fees covered by their sponsor and pay any unfunded difference by Payment Deadline or they will be deleted from classes for non-payment. For more information, contact the Student Finance Office at 989-686-9333.

Pay with Financial Aid (Grants and Scholarships)

Students who have been approved for financial aid can access award information via their MyDelta account. A User Name and Password is required. After logging in, click on MyDelta for Students, then "Financial Aid Award Letter" located beneath the Financial Aid heading. If financial aid is awarded prior to Payment Deadline, tuition and fees will be paid with the award.  The award will be based on the number of credits enrolled for the semester. Any financial aid funds remaining after tuition and fees have been deducted may be used to pay for books and supplies if the financial aid award allows for such purchases. Students should verify the amount of tuition and fees covered by their financial aid and pay any unfunded difference to avoid being deleted from classes for non-payment. The Financial Aid Office may be contacted at 989-686-9080 with any questions.

Pay with a Guaranteed Student Loan (Federal Stafford, PLUS, Alternate Loans)

Students approved for a student loan prior to Payment Deadline, will be allowed to charge tuition and fees against their award based on the number of credits they are enrolled for the semester.  Students will receive an e-mail from the Financial Aid Office when funds are received by the College from a Guaranteed Student Loan provider.  Loans will be processed approximately 8 weeks after the start of the semester.  Only students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours are eligible for a Guaranteed Student Loan.  A second e-mail will be sent from the Student Finance Office to students who receive a loan amount in excess of their tuition and fees.  The second e-mail will notify them when their excess loan refund check will be mailed to them.  Students are responsible to pay any outstanding financial obligations to the College, including unpaid sponsor billings.  No specific information regarding a student loan refund check may be given out over the phone. For more information, contact the Student Finance Office at 989-686-9333.

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