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Counseling-Advising and Career Services

Computerized Career Guidance

Although there are classes that can be taken prior to declaring a major, Career Services has five computerized programs to help you to decide on a career path. These programs offer career assessments to help you identify your interests, personality preferences, work environment preferences, desired educational level, temperaments and values that can influence your long range career satisfaction. Using these programs will only take an hour or two out of your life, but can make a lifelong difference. The Computerized Career Guidance Systems are available by appointment or on a walk-in basis. There are times when Career Services is occupied by classes or other groups, so appointments are recommended.

  • Appointments can be made in person at the Career Services office (D102 on Delta's main campus)
  • Appointments can be made by phone at 989-686-9072 (from Midland/Auburn at 989-495-4000 ext. 9072 or from Frankenmuth/Birch Run/Reese/Vassar at 989-758-3400 ext. 9072)
  • You do not have to be a current or former Delta College student to use these resources - the Delta College Career Center is open to the general public. 

EUREKA Micro-Skills Inventory

Select skills you would prefer to utilize in an employment setting - 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.

EUREKA will:

  • Describe your personality type and how it relates to career satisfaction
  • List occupations which require the skills you would like to use
  • Provide descriptions of occupations

Appointment recommended: 1-1/2 hours for skills identification and computer time

MOIS (Michigan Occupational Information System)

MOIS will help you examine your career preferences in the following areas:

  • Interests
  • Areas of Work
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Educational levels
  • Temperaments

MOISCRIPTs (individual descriptions of over 650 occupations) may be printed (2 per appointment). The following information is provided for each occupation:

  • Nature of the Occupation
  • Occupational Specialties
  • Working Conditions and Requirements
  • Education and Preparation Opportunities
  • Opportunities for Experience and Methods of Entry
  • Earnings and Advancement
  • Employment and Outlook
  • Sources of Additional Information

Appointment recommended: 1 hour of computer time

SIGI (System of Interactive Guidance Information )

This unique tool compliments the total career guidance decision making process and helps you:

  • Examine your values, interests and preferred work activities
  • Prepare a list of occupations to consider
  • Explore and gather information on careers
  • Compare the characteristics of two careers side by side
  • Prepare for a career
  • Learn how to put your plan into action
  • Evaluate risks and rewards

Appointment recommended: 1-2 hours computer time

Career Planning on the Web

Vocational Biographies

Over one thousand stories from people all across the country. Workday details, responsibilities, satisfactions, frustrations, challenges, working conditions and lifestyles from people actually doing the job.

Vocational Biographies are password protected, and you must visit the Career Center to establish your personal account.

Link to Vocational Biographies

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