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What is eLearning?

Q: What is eLearning?

A: eLearning is using technology to bring students and faculty together online. eLearning ranges from Online and Blended to enhance traditional on-campus courses.

Q: What is an Internet course?

A: An Online course is a course that is delivered using a computer and accessing a web site.

Q: What is the difference between Online and Blended courses?

A: See our page on course formats for more information.

Q: Is the tuition different than the on campus courses?

A: No, the rates are the same as the traditional on-campus course fees. However, there is a technology fee and an online course fee. Visit the Admissions Office for detailed information on fees (including admission, registration, tuition and technology fees).

Q: My student schedule lists "Dates and Time to be Announced" what does that mean?

A: Instructors designate the due dates and times for their online courses and because the due dates and times vary from one instructor to another, those dates and times can not be listed on your schedule. As a placeholder on your schedule for assignments and exams, we list the general statement as To Be Announced.

Q: Why can’t I log in to eLearning, MyDelta and Email?

A: Your password probably needs to be reset. Visit to reset your password. If you still cannot log in after you have reset your password, send a message to or for assistance.

Q: Why is a course I registered for not in eLearning?

A: It is either because of: 1. non-payment, 2. your instructor has not yet turned on the course site, 3. not all instructors use eLearning. If the semester has already started and you just added, you will see the course within 24 hours, providing a payment was made.

Q: Do we have to be logged in at a certain time to take an online course?

A: Typically, no. Some instructors schedule chat room sessions held at a certain time and will let you know if those are scheduled for your course. The main timing you need to make sure of is that you complete ALL assigned tasks on time as noted in your syllabus or course announcement.

Q: Are the online classes easier?

A: Online courses are not easier. It really depends on the student’s motivation, discipline, and independent learning ability. If you learn best by in-class interaction and listening to a lecture, you could find an online class more challenging. This does not mean you shouldn’t take an online course; it just means that you need to be focused and work hard.

An online course can take up to double the time spent in an on-campus course environment. In the beginning, we suggest that you reserve large blocks of time until you get comfortable with the time it takes you to complete a weekly assignment. You can expect to spend three hours towards every credit hour per week. So if you have a three-credit course, you can expect to spend up to nine hours per week for that one course.

Success depends on your learning ability, following directions, paying attention to due dates, participation, familiarity with computers and if you ask questions you have in a timely manner to give the instructor time to answer your question and you time to complete work.

You have to read the material rather than listen to it. Reading the material takes more time. However, you have the advantage of being able to read the material as many times as necessary. If you are a slow reader, you will have to budget your time. If you procrastinate, it would be likely that you will get behind.

Use a time management tool where you can enter your daily schedule and get a report to see if there is enough time in your schedule to successfully complete an online course.

Q: Who will assist me if I do not understand the material?

A: Your instructor is the first one to contact for course assistance. For technology assistance, contact the eLearning Office by clicking on the Help Desk, via email at, by phone at 989-686-9401, or in our office located in J102.

Q: Can I meet with my instructor?

A: Yes, you can. The first page of your syllabus has the office contact information.

Q: How do I communicate with my instructor?

A: In eLearning, click on email, send an email. Check your syllabus – the first page has the office contact information. Call Delta College operator at 989-686-9000 and ask to be connected.

Q: How do I communicate with other classmates?

A: eLearning has multiple communication options. You can send an email under the Communication button. Use the Chat function and ‘Who’s Online’ if your instructor has those two functions active. And if your course requires communication using the Discussion Board, your instructor will make that active for participation.

Q: How do I take quizzes or exams?

A: The instructors either have them directly online in the course or you have to come to the Testing Center (TC) located just outside the Library Learning Information Center by the Lecture Theater.

Q: Will I be taught the same things as if I was registered for an on campus course?

A: Yes, you will. Much of the learning process depends on the student’s motivation and discipline. Online courses have the same objectives and outcomes as on-campus courses.

Q: Is the syllabus available to me before the start date?

A: Usually not.  Some instructors open the course site before the start date. If so, the syllabus is under 'Content'.

Q: Can I use the on campus computers?

A: Yes. They are located in the Library Learning Information Center. Your local libraries have computers for your use as well.

Q: Can I use my personal email account?

A: No. E-mail communication is done by using your Delta College email address, which is free. Using your Delta College email ensures delivery to the Delta College faculty and staff.

Q: My Internet service is down, what can I do?

A: Computers are available on campus inside the Library Learning Information Center. Local libraries also provide this service. It is always wise to have a backup plan prior to the start of the semester.

Q: What if I need tutoring for the online course?

A: Our Teaching/Learning Center (T/LC) provides several services for the online student. For tutoring, you must be a Delta College student. The T/LC uses T/LCCyber Tutor to assist and support the online independent learner. You enter your username and password and then submit your tutoring needs.

Q: What services does the Teaching/Learning Center (T/LC) provide?

A: Tutoring and Study Support – Check out the T/LC website for popular handouts. Just to name a few, there are documents for critical thinking, MLA and APA formats for Research Papers, note taking, listening, essay writing, writing summaries, paraphrases and time management.

Q: What kind of computer equipment do I need?

A: Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, XP, Windows NT or Apple MacIntosh
Microsoft Office or Compatible Suite
CD-ROM (some courses)
Printer (optional)
Internet Service Provider
Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
Anti-virus Software

Q: Are there any free downloads available to me?

A: Yes, there are. Some are listed under the Student 'Resources' in the Online Orientation, or you can have access our popular free downloads.

Q: How do I save my document as a Rich Text Format (rtf)?

A: Type your document – save and save often. Always be prepared for network failure. File Save As link a Camtasia example here Name your document Under Save as Type (pull down menu select Rich Text Format *.rtf

Q: Do snow days apply to an online course?

A: No. Online courses only have the official college days off, such as holiday’s and spring break, unless notified by your instructor.

Q: When I am taking an exam and my computer freezes up on me, what is happening?

A: You may need to turn off all of your pop-up blockers. Some pop-up blockers are in your security software e.g. McAfee or Norton. Some email providers, such as Yahoo, have a toolbar that you click on to turn pop-up blockers on or off.

Q: What is the expected time to get an answer back from an instructor?

A: We encourage you to ask your question while it is fresh in your mind. So, if it is 2 am and you have a question, send an e-mail so you don’t forget to ask later. The time you can expect a reply back is based on the instructor. If it is a weekend or holiday, your instructor could be offline. Normally, you would get a reply within the next business day. Tip: Double check to see if your answer can be found in the course syllabus or on the announcement page.

Q: Is there a face-to-face orientation for my eLearning course?

A: That depends on your instructor. See orientation information.

Q: If I am an eLearning student, do I still have the same resources available as the traditional on campus student?

A: Yes, you do. See student services for more information.

Q: What is the URL for eLearning?

A: The login page for eLearning is

Q: I have already completed the Delta College Online Orientation with Admissions so why is there an online orientation in my eLearning account?

A: That site is strictly an orientation site to assist in preparing the student that has never used the course software before. It provides the look, navigation, and various functions of the online course software.

Q: When will I see my course(s) I registered for in eLearning?

A: Generally, courses are not open to students until the start date of the course according to your student schedule. If the start date has passed, notify the eLearning Office at or call them at 989-686-9401.

Q: How do I remove a course from a previous semester in eLearning?

A: As a student, you can not remove the course sites in your account. Instructors are responsible to turn courses on and off. What you can do is send an e-mail to the instructor to close the site. There are times when instructors must keep the site open for a student who is completing the course due to an incomplete grade.

Q: Is every course layout the same?

A: Instructors can customize their course navigation (green) bar. They can also add and modify the site somewhat. Generally, they look the same.

Q: What can I expect to find under the Announcements?

A: Your instructor will post a greeting at the beginning of the semester. Some other examples could be that there is a change in the syllabus, or a link to an assignment, a web site, or a message stating that your grades have been posted.

Q: Where is the syllabus located?

A: Usually under 'Content'.  It can be a link in the 'Announcements' area.

Q: How do I load material in the Dropbox?

A: 1. Click on Dropbox  2. Click on the Folder Name  3. Browse and add file

Q: How do I see my grades?

A: Click on Grades. Instructors choose the details they want released. You might not see a letter grade, only points.

Q: My exam is a timed exam is there a way I can tell how much time I have left?

A: You will get a warning informing you that you have five minutes left. At the top of a timed exam, you’ll see a link to check on the remaining time left. The timer does not update automatically so you will need to click the Update Timer link to check for the remaining time.

Q: How do I participate on the Discussion Board?

A: There are a couple of ways to participate. Here are the different ways to participate:
Compose Posts: Click in the toolbar.
Reply: To reply to an instructors post, click on reply.
Subthread: To reply to a student’s post, click subthread. Camtasia demo

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