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Equity Office

Amorous Relationships Policy

  1. Delta College is committed to fostering an educational climate characterized by professional and ethical behavior free of discrimination and conflict of interest. Amorous relationships between Assembly Members and other persons within the College community may impair or undermine the learning and work environments when the relationship is based on unequal authority or power, and when one person in the relationship is evaluating the other. Accordingly, it is the policy of Delta College that Assembly Members shall not engage in an amorous relationship with another person within the College community over whom the Assembly Member exercises authority, or educational or professional responsibility.
  2. Compliance with this policy requires that Assembly Members involved in an amorous relationship excuse themselves from any authority or evaluative role with respect to the other person. In rare cases where this would not be possible, arrangements must be made, in consultation with the appropriate supervisor, to assure that the relationship does not threaten the integrity of the educational process or impair the work setting.
  3. Assembly Members who violate this policy are subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal, in accordance with established policies.

For the purpose of this policy, "amorous relationship" is defined as consensual relationships of a romantic or sexual nature between Assembly Members and other persons within the College community.

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